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Fashion Nova: The Tea on This Trendy Boutique


fashion nova jeansMid-March (2016) I finally got to take my talents to LA and enjoy some of that sunshine that the “Sunshine State” has to offer. If you tend to stay up to speed with all of the many dealings of pop culture on social media (specifically through accounts like BallerAlert and The Shaderoom) platform, you have seen a Fashion Nova advertisement at least once on your Instagram feed. This highly acclaimed affordable clothing boutique is based out of Downtown, LA and has 5 locations in Southern California; for the global fashionistas out there, Fashion Nova does ship globally so you can get a taste of what the brand have to offer.

Many fan favorites have been seen flawlessly rocking bomb fits from the brand such as Juju, Karin Jinsui  and some other famous social media mavens and socialites. Scrolling down Fashion Nova’s instagram feed, you will find cute outfits for many different occasions but the brand is recognized for their notable cute jeans. I’ve been wanting to order jeans specifically from Fashion Nova but because my hips and thighs don’t lie, I opt-ed out of ordering online; when I decided to come to LA, I knew a trip to Fashion Nova would be one of the many things on my to-do. I just had to see what all the hype was about.

This is how my trip went.

South Central LA Fashion nova jeans

Store Atmosphere

The store that me and my friend went to was the Burbank Town Center location. We literally went fresh off the plane shortly after dropping our bags off in our West Hollywood apt that we would be renting for the week; thirsty? Maybe just a bit. It was in the early afternoon on a Wednesday so the mall was pretty empty and so was Fashion Nova (thank ya Jesus) when we first arrived. The store was playing mainly hip-hop (artists and songs that I would normally listen to) and overall was clean and the clothing wasn’t thrown all over the place like some other affordable stores that shall remain nameless.

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I didn’t see some of the items that I’ve seen online or on Instagram in store but that was expected because honestly with any brand/store that rarely happens if ever. The clothes they did have in the Fashion Nova store were still aligned with the overall chic, trendy vibe that the brand portrays through their online outlets.

I like to look good but I absolutely HATE shopping; mainly because when I have something in mind I never find or when I’m shopping just to find something that catches my eye, it just doesn’t happen for me and my mission is usually not accomplished. At Fashion Nova though, I noticed that I couldn’t stop picking stuff up. If I had the time, I would have spent hours there but maybe next time around.

Pricing & Quality

I already knew the prices at Fashion Nova were going to be affordable; it was more so the quality that I was concerned with. I bought a few pairs of jeans and really do like them. One day my booty magically grew and I literally couldn’t fit any jeans in my closet (including the ones that I have paid hundreds of dollar for) so I needed jeans that would be comfortable to squeeze my booty into and to be affordable just in case mother nature decided she wanted to do some more experimentation on my rear-end.  The jeans fit incredible comfortable (they have a bit of stretch and are not hard denim) and they don’t look cheap. The also have a pretty good amount of length which is great because I’m not for the high-water look whatsoever.

I also bought a couple of dresses. I’m personally not too big on dresses but I couldn’t pass up on the cuteness and the good prices. (pics of me rocking those to come soon)

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As far as sizes go, I would definitely recommend buying a size or 2 larger than what you wear in jeans from a non-boutique store (like The Gap etc.). The dresses and other clothing items were much truer to size (they come in S,M,L mainly) so you’re pretty good on that.

Customer Service

I must say I honestly refrain from interacting with sales associates in retail stores because if they’re having a bad day I don’t want them to try me but the ladies in Fashion Nova were so nice; I wish they could have taken a break and went for drinks with me and Chelsea (lol jk!). They were very helpful in the dressing room, gave opinions about styles and one associate even held my clothes at the register when she saw I was becoming overwhelmed with carrying items in my hands.


My experience at Fashion Nova was great and if when I am in LA again, I will definitely make a trip or two. Now that I’ve been to the physical store, I can use the sizing and fit of the clothes that I tried on as a benchmark for ordering online (yay!).

I definitely would shop there again. It really is a good brand for someone who wants to look bomb without draining their bank account. Though I’m skeptical of shopping anywhere that gets tons of buzz from social media platforms, this is one that I am happy to have given into.


fashion Nova jeans

My favorite pair of jeans that I’ve bought from Fashion Nova so far.


Share some of you guys Fashion Nova purchases & experiences with me. I’d love to hear about them!

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