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How to DIY an Early 2000s Photoshoot at Home


Anybody who knows me knows how much I love Y2K-inspired looks and aesthetics. I’ll be the first one to note that the early 2000s was a dark time in fashion (mainly because of questionable maximalism), but there were a few trends that deserve the resurgence we’ve been seeing over the last few years.

From Juicy Couture bags to airbrushed tees, there are so many moments of Y2K Fashion that I love. For my 28th birthday, I tried to capture the nostalgia in my early 2000s-inspired photoshoot.

Keep reading to learn more about how I finessed this early 2000s photoshoot at home without spending much money.

The Setup


Credit: Amazon

Of course, I had to find the perfect early 2000s background to set everything off. Surprisingly, I don’t own a real backdrop stand, so I opted to pin the background to the wall with thumbtacks. It did the job, but you should use your better judgment when doing this at home.

Soft Box Lights

Credit: Amazon

I want the photos to feel a bit overexposed as they often did in the early 2000s. Setting up soft box lights relatively close to my face did the trick.

LED Light

Instead of using a ring light, I opted for this dimmable LED light attached to my camera for a bright early 2000s photo feel. I knew I was going to wear sunglasses in some of the photos, so I skipped the ring light to avoid a circular glare on the lenses.


Credit: Amazon

I purchased this camera for my birthday in 2020, and it’s so worth it. It’s a great beginner-friendly camera that has grown with me as a creator. I’m still using it four years later in 2024.

Clothes & Accesories

Airbrush T-Shirt , $17

Layered Chains

At the time of this photoshoot, I didn’t have a name chain which would be the obvious jewelry of choice. So, I went with some layered initial jewelry instead. if you have name jewelry lying around somewhere, doing this early 2000s-inspired photoshoot is the perfect opportunity to dust them off and give them some shine.

Rimless Sunglasses

Credit: Astoldbymika.com

No early 2000s photo shoot is complete without the right outfit. I decided to keep mine very simple but very Uptown, New York City.

Early 2000s Photoshoot Hair, Makeup and Nails

Rhinestone Bobby Pins

Not sure if it counts as a hairstyle, but my go-to in the earlier part of the 2000s was. doobie wrap. There was nothing like going to get a wash and set, having your hair in a doobie overnight, prepping for the big reveal in the morning.

To step it up a bit, I added rhinestone bobby pins to make a statement. I’d recommend grabbing these from your local beauty supply store if you can (I got mine from Amazon). FYI, I’m very proud that I could wrap my wig myself. I guess all those years spent going to the Dominican hair salon on Sunday came in handy after all.


Of course, I went for a french tip. But instead of classic white, I opted for blue to match the overall vibe of the shoot. One thing the girls loved to do in the early 2000s was be matchy matchy.

Photoshoot Ready Makeup (Flawless Complexion)

Credit: Astoldbymika.com

I knew I wanted something simple and flawless—almost a no-makeup look but more glam. Fenty Beauty never disappoints when it comes to creating a photo-ready face. The only way to complete my early 2000s photoshoot was with some of my favorite Fenty Beauty products.


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