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DIY Early 2000s Photoshoot


Anybody who knows me knows how much I love Y2K-inspired looks and aesthetics. I’ll be the first one to note that the early 2000s was a dark time in fashion but there were a few nuances that deserved the resurgence we’ve been seeing over the last few years. From Juicy Couture bags to airbrushed tees, there are so many moments of Y2K Fashion that I love. For my 28th birthday, I tried to capture the nostalgia in my early 2000s inspired photoshoot.

Keep reading to learn more about how I finessed this early 2000s photoshoot at home without spending a ton of money. Hint: Amazon stayed true to its GOAT status.

The Setup

Of course, I had to find the perfect early 2000s backdrop to set things off. I wanted the pictures to look a bit bright and overexposed but also crisp. Below are the item’s I used.

Back Drop, $14

Surprisingly, I don’t own a real backdrop stand, so I opted to pin the background to the wall with thumbtacks. It did the job but you should use your better judgment when doing this at home.

Soft Box Lights, $90

LED Light, $47

Instead of using a ring light, I opted for this dimmable LED light attached to my camera for a bright early 2000s photo feel.


I purchased this camera for my birthday in 2020 and it’s so worth it. It’s a great beginner-friendly camera.

Clothes & Accesories

Airbrush T-Shirt , $17

Layered Chains, $11

Rimless Sunglasses, $12

No early 2000s photoshoot is complete without the right outfit. I decided to keep mine very simple but very Uptown, New York City.

Hair / Makeup

Rhinestone Bobby Pins

I’d recommend grabbing these from your local beauty supply store. FYI, I’m very proud that I was able to wrap my wig myself, I guess all those years spent going to the Dominican hair salon on Sunday came in handy after all.



Fenty Beauty never disappoints when it comes to creating a photo-ready face. I knew the only way to complete my early 2000s photoshoot was with a Fenty Face.

I may earn a commission for purchases made through links in this post, however, all opinions are my own—YKTV.

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