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Housing Works “Buy The Bag” Thrift | 1 Full Bag = $25!


I now understand why Housing Works Buy The Bag Thrift is called “Thrifter’s Heaven”


When I was in high school I fell in love with thrifting. Initially, I gave the trendy yet questionable hobby the side-eye but I later warmed up to the idea. Even in my adult life where I have the disposable income to buy new clothing, thrifting is still something that I enjoy a TON. And might it add, sustainable fashion is all the rage. 

For those who keep up with my very exciting life (sarcasm), you know I moved back to NYC in July (2016) to pursue my now former career in Social Services with Housing Works. In addition to being a pillar in the community for advocating for the rights and betterment of people living with and affected by HIV and homelessness, Housing Works is also known for its magnificent thrifts namely the Housing Works Buy The Bag Thrift in Sunset Park, Brooklyn. You can find all over Youtube people scoring BIG name thrift items in their stores—everything from Michael Kors to Chanel.

housing works buy the bag thrift NYC

I finally decided this past weekend to give their warehouse thrift store format, Buy The Bag, a try. This Sunset Park, Brooklyn location is unique because of one HUGE detail—whatever you can fit in the bag is $25, however you fit them. The only rules are handles to the bag must touch and the items can not spill over the sides.

Among some of the brands that I scored big on were J. Crew, Knomo, Calvin Klein, Nine West, and True Religion. I was able to fit 31 items into my bags thanks to a nice woman that showed me how to really jam pack that bag. On the day went the “Buy the Bag” was 2 for $30.

Some of My Favorite Items That I Bagged.

housing works buy the bag thrift

I have no idea who Sharon is or what she did for that matter, but this jacket will get fleeked with DIY greatness.

housing works buy the bag thrift nine west boots

I cleaned up these Genuine Leather Nine West boots and Vaseline-d them up.

true religion housing works buy the bag thrift

These True Religion shorts aren’t even my size lol but I couldn’t pass them up lol

Tips For Newbies

Newbies get to skip the line and shop for a few minutes before the savages  regulars come in

The regulars that come are pros at this Buy The Bag thing. Let the staff know that you’re new before the doors open to take full advantage.

Bring a large black plastic bag and maybe rubber bands

You can buy one at the Buy The Bag for a dollar or you can just bring your own. When you see something that looks even remotely interesting, throw it in the bag and sort later.

Don’t think, just grab

I repeat. When you see something that looks even remotely interesting, throw it in the bag. Do NOT think twice. The goal is to grab as much as you can out of the various bins, fill the garbage bag, sort through it and repeat. 

Don’t drink a lot of fluid or eat a large meal before you get there

There is no restroom in Housing Works Buy The Bag thrift. If you don’t want to miss out, you’d mind your liquid intake and eat a very light snack before you get there. The doors open at 11 am ($5 to get in at 11 am instead of 12 pm), go until 1:30 pm then there is a 30-minute break. That’s the time to use the restroom or get another light snack.

Leggings/Sweats, Tank Top & A Satchel/Crossbody bag is a must

This outfit will have you ready for war against the many other customers trying to score good thrift items. It also allows you to easily try things on in the aisles.

Don’t be the a**hole that does way too much like some people that frequent Housing Works Buy The Bag Thrift.

Some people do this professionally, literally, and you can spot them from a mile away. They come in packs like vultures pushing any and everybody out the way. Just don’t be like them.

If you live in New York City or plan on visiting, this is a FUN and very rewarding activity. I’m very satisfied with my finds and I can’t wait to customize and dress them up. If you go to Housing Works “Buy The Thrift” let me know.

Housing Work’s Buy The Bag Thrift Brooklyn, NYC

159 28th Street Brooklyn, NY 11232, 718-840-2923

What are some of your favorite places to go thrifting in NYC? Outside NYC? Let me know below.



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