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[REVIEW] Rihanna Smells Like “Heaven” so she created her own perfume


Word on the street is Rihanna smells good as hell. After years of celebrities raving about how good the “bad gyal” smells, Rihanna finally decided to drop her own perfume. I guess she figured we all would like to smell like success and good vibes. Summer 2021, Fenty Beauty and Rihanna blessed us with the FENTY Eau de parfum, the first scent from the former singer’s namesake brand.

FENTY Eau De Parfum Scent Notes

 “Magnolia and musk unite with tangerine, blueberry and hints of Bulgarian rose absolute, geranium and patchouli”- FentyBeauty.com.

Does FENTY perfume smell like Kilian Love, Don’t Be Shy (Rihanna’s previously rumored favorite perfume) ?

KILIAN PAris Love Don't be Shy Fenty eau de parfum perfume
Credit: Sephora.com

Kilian Love, Don’t be Shy fragrance profile (from Sephora.com)

Fragrance Family: Floral

Scent Type: Warm Floral

Key Notes: Orange blossom, Vanilla Absolute and Luscious Marshmallow

Long before Rihanna dropped FENTY Eau De Parfum, it was rumored that her perfume of choice was Love, Don’t Be Shy from luxury fragrance house Kilian Paris. If you haven’t smelled this fragrance, let me be the one to tell you that the scent is absolutely divine. It’s expensive as hell (around $195 for a travel set), but I can see why Rihanna would be a fan.

While Kilian Love, Don’t Be Shy and FENTY Eau De parfum both have sweet elements, I don’t find them similar at all. But why would Rihanna copy and paste a perfume in the first place? Duh. Love, Don’t Be Shy is much sweeter, intense scent. FENTY Eau de parfum has a unique fragrance profile with some earthy and woody elements but dries down soft and sweet with a slightly musky undertone. According to the brand, it creates a unique scent for everyone based on their body chemistry.This is a good time to mention that the fragrance is unisex, in case you were wondering.

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Thoughts on FENTY Eau De Parfum (shop here)

Let me lead by saying that the FENTY fragrance smells great in my opinion and unique. I can’t reference one perfume that smells identical to it. When I first sprayed the scent, it came off somewhat masculine and very intense, but once it dries down, the fragrance is subtle—with my body chemistry, it has a great balance of sweetness and musky. It pairs really well with sweeter fragrances (especially those with hints of vanilla-like NEST Madagascar Vanilla Perfume Oil). The scent feels luxurious and sultry (major rich bitch vibes), and the warm amber glass bottle is absolutely stunning.

I recently discovered that I’m one of those people who sometimes don’t smell perfume on themselves. Initially, I thought this fragrance didn’t last, but apparently, it smells amazing, according to the compliments I’ve gotten while testing it out. Rihanna and her team recommend spraying directly to the chest to get the most out of the fragrance (they’re not wrong). Of course, you should apply to your pulse points (wrists, behind elbows, behind knees, lower throat, and behind ears) as you would any other perfume.

Additionally, I love spraying this fragrance in my hair (wigs, not my natural hair). I can’t explain it, but this scent smells particularly good in my hair compared to some of my most loved fragrances. Personally, when Fenty hair care becomes a thing, I wouldn’t mind it if the Fenty Eau de Parfum scent was the fragrance for the products. Rihanna, if this perfume launch was you checking the temperature for Fenty Haircare, your secret is safe with me.

For my chemistry FENTY Eau de Parfum indeed smells really good, but it wasn’t necessarily what I imagined in a fragrance from FENTY. While I don’t think it will be my signature scent (I’m still exploring that), I don’t regret buying it and adding it to my growing collection. FENTY Eau De Parfum is not a crowdpleaser but those who are open to indulging in something outside of their comfort zone truly enjoy this perfume. I’ve literally have had strangers tell me how good this perfume smells on me even though they think it smells horrible on them—that goes to show that it truly pulls on body chemistry.


Fenty Parfum Body Creme

If there’s one thing to know about Fenty it’s that their Butta Drop Whipped Oil Body Cream gives a lasting glow like no other. Surprise—a body creme will be launching with the Fenty signature scent. The brand describes the scent of this body creme as “A deliciously thick, whipped oil body crème that intensely hydrates scented with @badgalriri’s iconic, intoxicating personal fragrance.” We can expect this Fenty Parfum Body Creme to hit Sephora and FentyBeauty.com on September 1st, 2023.

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