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Love Thy #Selfie: Self- Confidence is a Bad B*tch



Y’all may have seen me reference How To Be A Bad Bitch  (read the review here) a few times by now, but that just goes to show how much the messages throughout the book has resonated with me. The foundation of being a “bad bitch” as described in Amber Rose’s book is self-confidence, self-love and self-acceptance.

It’s not hard to tell when someone isn’t confident in themselves or don’t fully accept themselves for who they are. You can see it in they way they walk, talk and interact with others. They often poorly present themselves as something that their NOT because they’re  too busy worrying about what everyone is doing instead of working on themselves.

“People smell weakness and it doesn’t bring out the best in everyone. But radiate power and self-acceptance, and that sends a whole different message.”

But the same goes for power; people can smell and it doesn’t bring out the best in everyone. The worst being jealously. People who lack self-confidence and self-acceptance sometimes don’t know how to act in the presence of someone who has plenty. It most of the time ends up in envy but someone who is confident in themselves has no time to feed into that negativity.

As a child or even a teen, I definitely wasn’t the most confident person walking in the room. As I got older I learned the reason for that was that I allowed other people to play on my weakness, my lack of confidence. The sooner I learned to love myself and walk with my head high, my life changed for the better. My confidence radiates in everything I do; the way I do my hair and makeup, the way I dress, talk and walk. Just every single facet of my life.

“A bad bitch doesn’t worry or try to make a certain impression. She’s too busy living.”

Believe in yourself and others will too. F*ck what everybody else is doing, just do you boo. Sometimes we spend so much times dabbling in other peoples lives that we don’t take the time out to perfect what the hell we got going on. The sooner that you can to be Ray Charles to the bs and put all of your attention and energy into you, the sooner we’d be the most confident beings that we possible could be.

Be yourself, everyone is already taken

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