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Subway Etiquette 101: 7 Things You Should be Doing During Your Commute


I’ve lived in 2 major cities, Washington DC and NYC, and though very different in many ways, when it comes to the rules of being a law biding public transportation user, the rules are very much the same. Commutes via public transportation can get a bit hectic but it you follow these golden rules, a lot of bumps can be smoothed right on out.

Here are some things to keep in mind on your next journey on your respective metro rail systems.

When in doubt, keep right.

When walking on the platform and when on the escalator or stairs. It really makes for a better flow of traffic, so don’t be the one to eff it up.

Only fall asleep if you’re a sturdy sleeper and not a drooler.

person sleeping on the subway

Photo Cred: theatlantic.com

We all get tired while commuting but there’s nothing worst that person that decides to make you their personal pillow. And quite frankly no one wants to see you drooling in public. Yuck

Let people off of the train before you push to get on

I personally think it is super rude do otherwise. Think about it like this, if you miss the train because people are taking forever to get off (which rarely happens), it’s much easier for you to wait for another one than someone missing their stop and having to circle back around. Be considerate.

Let women, children, the disabled and the elderly on the train first and let them have the seats

It’s honestly just the right thing to do. I would say it’s common sense but apparently common sense is not that common at all. I also find it interesting how it always seems to be men that love to be the ones to bypass the fore-mentioned groups above. What ever happened to chivalry? Sigh

Leave the unpleasant smelling food for after your train commute

eating on the train

Photo Cred: theladbible.com

You’re not even suppose to eat on many public subways. Even though we never follow that rule in general, just be mindful of what you do decide to eat in this kind of closed space. Boiled eggs, anything with a ton of onions, etc is not meant to be eaten on the train

Don’t put your butt on the pole (and take up all of the space) or plant your booty on that glass between the end seat and train door

leaning on pole on train

Photo Cred: Buzzfeed

The poles on the train are for supporting standing while the train is in motion, not for sliding your crack onto for people to see. If we wanted to see that, we’d go to the strip club. Also I personally can’t stand when I sit on the end seat (i love the end send) and someone decides that they give me a view of their rear-end my whole ride. Thanks but no thanks.

Even though it’s crowded, say excuse me

Very self explanatory


I’m sure their may be some other things about riding the train that grinds your gears, please share them below!


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