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How Yew Dewin?: My Experience At The Wendy Williams Show


I’ve been addicted to daytime tv talk shows ever since I could  remember. Of course for a while I was too young to attend one but I finally grew up and requested tickets to The Wendy Williams Show. Though it was like 19 degrees in NYC and 7 0’clock in the morning, it was definitely well worth it. After requesting tickets back in October/November (I can’t even remember at this point), me and my good friend Steffy got to attend the first show of 2016. Exciting much?

The day went a little like this…

I arrived to the line around 7:20 after stopping for coffee (Steffy was already there) and surprisingly the line was pretty short. Luckily enough for us Steph is friends with a guy who works in wardrobe so we actually got to sit inside until they took us to the waiting/prep room. We definitely received a few side eyes but hey whatever, that’s fine.

We finally get our tickets and get checked by security (without having to wait on the line because of our plug) and went to the waiting room. I called the waiting room the prep room because literally the audience/co-host is being prepped for their involvement in the show. You fill out forms for “Ask Wendy”, get awkwardly stared at for the Eye Candy Segment, change your shoes because you most likely came with your heels in your bag, touch up your make up and take some selfies.

Me & my boo Stephanie a.k.a SteffyVee. Make sure to check out her beauty youtube channel and to follow her on Twitter & IG

Shameless selfie

Shameless selfie

My main goals coming to The Wendy Williams were to be seated in the front and win Eye Candy

While in the waiting room, I was approached by someone on set to fill out the form detailing my outfit which I was super excited that at least I was cute enough to even get noticed; but no, I did not win eye candy. I’m definitely happy to have been “in the running” though. We did however get to sit in the front (our ticket had the letter P; apparently they don’t go by alphabetical order).

When you finally get to the set for the first 30-45 minutes, it’s just one big party.

The DJ is bumping music, everyone is dancing and there is the super FINE producer/hypeman that has all the women on 1000. Unfortunately, I did not get his number but he did twerk on me a little bit 🙂 lol. After the party died down The Wendy Williams Show went live. Big Daddy Kane was the special guest and gave a immaculate performance that any “old school” hip hop lover would enjoy. I also enjoyed watching Hot Topics 10 times more in person than I ever did on TV. We also got to watch her do some promos for the season, nailing each one in 0.5 seconds.


HOT TOPIC: Ciara controlling Future’s visitation with Future Jr. I was not feeling it!


Whatever Wendy’s stance was, Steffy agreed

After the show ended, me and Steffy’s Wendy Williams experience did not.

Steph being the plug that she is was able to get us behind the scenes! We got to see where all the magic is created. From the camera room that catches all of the shady reactions to “Hot Topics” to Wendy’s closet that is full of endless amounts of clothes and Louboutins that are absolutely to die for. I can’t wait for my chance to go again (I’d go every week if I could).

Besides just being an overall fun experience, it was also very motivational. I’d love to one day have my own talk show and being on the set of Wendy Williams, a show that I’ve loved since it premiered back in 2008, heightened those aspirations. Say what you want about Wendy, but she has made an absolutely fabulous transition from radio to TV and her transparency and realness as a daytime talkshow host is admirable. I’d like to have the same tone set for my own show one day.

If you are a fan of The Wendy Williams Show and live in NYC or have a feasible way to get there, I definitely suggest you go request yourself some tickets (seats fill up fast). I promise you’ll have a blast!

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Anonymous March 11, 2017 - 11:29 pm

Amazing experience. I love Wendy and fashion!

Vanessa October 13, 2017 - 9:37 pm

Questions ,what if you don’t want to be put on the spot and get asked a questions by Wendy like she usually does w her audience ? Did you fill out a paper or something to decide weather you want to be asked ?

Mika November 30, 2017 - 10:09 pm

I don’t know how I missed this put yes you actually fill out a paper if you have a question to ask. All voluntary. It just looks way more intense on camera lol


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