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My Ambitions As A Writer


As 2015 is coming to a close, I find myself reflecting on my journey as a writer/blogger. I’ve hit a lot of milestones as a writer in 2015 and I’m so excited to see what 2016 has in store for me and my career. Everything that I’ve experienced as writer from attending the launch party of xoNecole, to self hosting my own site, to working alongside Necole “Bitchie” Kane (who I refer to as the Beyonce of Blogging) and her amazing staff has definitely shown me that my dream of turning a hobby into a career is well within my reach.

You couldn’t have told me a year ago that I had a chance at blogging or writing as a career path; I would have called you crazy. Before I ever received my first check from writing, the encouragement and support from family, friends and my social media family (lol) was more than enough. Before I would refrain from even calling myself a writer or a journalist because I thought that wasn’t my lane and I’d never want to insult somebody who’ve been working their asses off for years to make it in what is now becoming a pretty saturated market (depending on who you ask).

Some of the things I’d like to accomplish this year as a writer:

  • Taking my site from 0-100. By the close of 2016 I want engagement to be at an ultimate high and dope content for my audience to be even higher
  • I want more of my work published on other sites/ major publications; Check out my 2 most recent posts on xonecole.com “Makeup Hygiene” & “21 Reasons Why Were In Love With The Coco (coconut oil)
  • Working on branding myself as a whole across all platforms. I want y’all to know and love me as if we shared the same womb (I meant that in the least weird way possible)
  • Connect with more great  bloggers and writers like the ones I have grown to know and love in 2015
  • Stay true to my own voice as a writer… You do what you want when ya poppin’!
  • Write write write everyday. Even if it isn’t an article, I want to write everyday just to simply clear my mind

In 2016, no matter what stage in your career or what uncertainties you may be having, remember if you put in the work you’ll get the results. A new year, same me. Just on a whole other level.

Welcome to the glo up year!

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