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8 Fall Sneakers To Grab (No SNKRS App Required)

by Mika

Outside “opened” back this summer, and it was more expensive than ever. Summer 2021, you’ve been great, but it’s time to usher in my girl autumn, starting with some fall sneakers.

If you follow me on Twitter or Instagram, you know I always share things that I love (shoes and sneakers especially). In effort to keep track of the things that I’m eyeing in an organized and shareable way, I’ve decided to bring shopping lists (like this one) over to my blog. Behold—8 pairs of sneakers that I’d add to my wardrobe without dealing with the stress of the SNKRS App.

Converse Run Star Hike, $110

womens fall sneakers 2021 converse run star hike

This time last year (2020), I fell in love with these. To be super transparent, old-school Chuck Taylors are not a sneaker I keep in rotation as I don’t find them comfortable due to the lack of support. The Converse Run Star Hike, on the other hand, has a bit more of a boot-like silhouette that won’t make you feel like you’re walking barefoot on the ground. This sneaker can seamlessly fit into your sneaker collection, fall or otherwise.

Converse Run Star Motion (My top Fall Sneaker Pick), $120


Clearly, Converse is trying to show the gworls (girls) that they aren’t basic. This new spin on the popularized skippy sneaker is equipped with a bit more intricate details on the sole that make them a true statement chunky high-top sneaker. Converse Run Star Motion is also available in White and Light Twine (neutral) shade. I’d love to see them in some more styles going into 2022.

Puma MAYZE, $90


Opinion: A lot of people who are into sneakers (or getting into them) sleep on PUMA. One of my favorite PUMA silhouettes is the RS collection (more on those in just a second( but the Puma Mayze is another design that the brand put its foot in (pun intended).

Puma RS-Z, $110

Under the Puma name, there’s the RS collection which has a few variations (RS-Z, RSX, RSX3, for example) that are slightly different but pretty similar. The mixed textiles and overlays remind me of a Balenciaga sneaker but obviously at a much more reasonable price point. Not to mention these are incredibly comfortable.

Nike Air Max 90, $130


Something about the fall always makes me feel super calm and laid back. There is no other way to walk through the season than with a pair of classic Air Max 90s in a fall-ready neutral colorway. Though Air Max 90s give somewhat of a “dad sneaker” vibe, they’re actually relatively easy to dress up or down. Whether you’re enjoying a chill Starbucks run or having brunch, you can find a way to get a great fall look from this sneaker.

New Balance 574, $80


If you made it this far, you probably see that you can’t go wrong with classic kicks in neutral colorways and fall-ready textiles—the New Balance 572 is a must-have for your fall-sneaker stash. This is a timeless shoe that you can undoubtedly wear year-round. However, the suede and plethora of cool tones available (think greys, tans, and blues) make it a no-brainer for the fall.

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Adidas Ozweego Plus, $120


Quite honestly, I wanted to put a pair of OG Ozweegos on this list, but since Adidas seemingly got rid of the colorways I find the most eyecatching, we’re going with Ozweego Plus instead. Truthfully, I haven’t gotten a chance to grab a pair of these just yet. However, if they have even a tiny percentage of the comfort of my favorite Ozweego’s, I’m going to need at least three pairs.

Editor’s Note: Since writing this blog post, this pick has sold out. However, you can check out other variations and sign up for restock notifications on the brand’s site.

Adidas Super Sleek, $140


I totally get why people sleep on sneakers during IVY Park x Adidas drops, however, this is a pair that I would have grabbed if they were on my radar (the clothing always steals the show). I’m actually a bit surprised that they’re still available in most sizes, but that may be a blessing if you slept on them before and want to add them to your collection.

Editor’s Note: Since writing this blog post, this pick has sold out. However, you can check out other variations on the brand’s site.

Nike Ryz 365 2 “Pearl White”, from $88


As much as I love sneakers, if I miss a drop on something chances are I’m not going to buy it in a secondary market for 10x the retail price (it just isn’t that deep to me). However, this pair of Nike RYZ in Pearl White (currently available in select sizes on GOAT) are calling my name. With prices ranging from about $88 to $159, I’d pick them up without feeling robbed or scammed.

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