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#WATTBA What A Time To Be Alive Future Drake


Christmas came early this year when Future and Drake dropped the highly anticipated collaboration “What A Time To Be Alive”, better known as #WATTBA (I love that whole hashtag + abbreviation thing for album/mixtape titles btw). After enjoying one too many mimosas at my Sunday brunch I sat down and listened to the collab. My honest thoughts?

I definitely liked how there was some variation on the tracks in terms of the sound and overall production. Drake’s more mellow vibe alongside Future’s dread shaking turnt-ness made for good balance on alot of the tracks. There were alot of songs where I felt like Future dominated but Drake also had some bars that made me make screw faces like “uhh, did you hear what this man said”  (real rap lovers will understand the feeling). Also, I honestly prefered Future’s solo track (Jersey) over Drizzy’s (30 x 30 Freestyle).

This is something I’d definitely bang on the regular..but..yes there’s a but. I wanted MORE. Maybe I’m too caught up in the hype of Dirty Sprite 2 or Drake’s consecutive a.k.a. Back To Back wins (pun intended) this past year but they just didn’t give me all the heat that I was looking forward to. It’s still a great mixtape considering the bar was set kind of high for this project. Shout out to The Breakfast Club on Power 105.1 FM for doing their FUTURE x DRAKE line up for the past few days these week. It really is a nice way to start my day and make me say “What A Time To Be Alive!”  This has made me even more excited for this Future Concert that I’m going to in a couple weeks. I’m going to personally rate this project a 7/10. I took off 1 point for it only having 11 tracks. BUMP! (bring us more please)

Now for my top 5 tracks…wait no, I couldn’t pick 5

#wattba what a time to be alive future drake

Digital Dash

Big Rings “You just a battle rapper. I’m an official trapper. N*ggas be dropping subliminals n*gga, that just some jibba jabba…” Shots?

Live From The Gutter: “Reporting live from the f**kin gutta bih!”

Diamonds Dancing

I’m The Plug


Jersey: “You do what you want when you popping” Why yes, yes indeed.

So I thought it was a semi hit. What were your honest opinions on this project?

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