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So You Want To Work At A Makeup Counter? Here’s What You Need To Know




That was the phrase that I uttered for 4 years every time someone came to the Clinique counter in Macy’s Metro Center in Washington D.C. It was the best of times, it was the worst of times but what I learned about beauty, skincare and the cosmetic industry as a whole from this experience is invaluable.

How I got hired?

If you would have asked me that 4 years ago my answer would have been as simple as I have no idea. I’ve never done makeup professionally (unless you count that 1 time in high school for a play) and I barely knew the difference between a foundation and a concealer. What I did have was the spunk for the job and the willingness to learn…oh and a fresh face that worked in my favor as I honed my skills.

I went out on a whim one day and filled out an application online as a Seasonal Beauty Advisor right before the holidays, ended up being hired permanently and the rest was history.


how to get hired by a makeup brand

Tip #1, to get hired by a makeup brand, you really don’t have to have to be Beyonce with a makeup brush

Having a genuine interest in beauty is enough to get you through the door. Many brands offer training’s to their beauty advisors not only to teach them about the brand but also to get them more familiar and comfortable with teaching clients about makeup and of course applying it.

Tip #2, Your face is your canvas/brochure, use it wisely how to get hired by a makeup brand

Simply put, wear makeup! Starting with day one when you get called for that interview (because you will, you got this), paint that pretty face of yours. It’s the first thing that clients will see when they walk up to whatever counter you end up at and it tells them “I got the skills, come let me teach you a thing or two.” Your future employer as well will judge this in addition to you resume so show your skills rather than just tell them in black and white.

Pro Tip: Visit the counter before your interview. Get a feel of how the employees carry themselves, look and interact with one another and clients. Bring that to your interview. Know the brand’s image and portray it as if you already have the job.

Tip#3 Be in the know. Make yourself the beauty authority!

You can carry this well into your position. Don’t only want to work in the beauty industry but also proactively educate yourself. Stay up on trends and exhibit your knowledge whenever the opportunity presents itself, without being a total a**hole of course.



Tip #4 If you got it, flaunt it

how to get hired by a makeup brand

Your portfolio that is. If you’ve been a busy bee building a portfolio of work in hopes to land a job in the beauty industry, here’s your time to shine. Though it’s not at all necessary, it definitely won’t hurt.

Tip #5 Be one your P’s & Q’s 

Do your research on the prospective company beforehand. Have they released a product line recently?  Have they been featured in a magazine for one of their amazing products? Know these things and tie them into your love for the company during your interview.

how to get hired by a makeup brand

Tip #6 Be enthusiastic about your willingness to learn and practice…then do just that

No matter what brand you end up working for, the beauty industry is constantly changing (for the better of course), whether it’s trends, techniques or competition. Being a self-starter, always looking to gain more knowledge about the cosmetic world will put you in a position to win.

Tip#7 Be Confident!


At the end of the day, the beauty industry is all about confidence. Before you can work with clients to boost their confidence through makeovers, tutorials and sharing product knowledge, you must exhibit it yourself.

No matter what brand your considering going after, these 7 tips are major keys if you want to get past the interview and head straight to the counter.

How are you going to apply these tips in your future beauty endeavors? I would love to hear!

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