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I tried the full Too Faced Pretty Rich Collection and here’s everything you need to know

by Mika

Throughout 2018, Too Faced has hit us with back to back makeup launches that are just so hard to resist. From the expansion of their cult fave Born This Way Foundation in collaboration with none other than Jackie Aina to their Tutti Frutti scented makeup collection, Too Faced sure knows how to come up with a creative concept to get beauty lovers excited–Too Faced Pretty Rich collection is further proof of that.

too faced pretty rich collection

Their most recent collection, Pretty Rich (which officially released everywhere this week) is the latest and greatest from the brand. The collection features ultra sparkly bad & bougie makeup in the cutest jewelry box and diamond decked packaging that one could ever ask for. I was fortunate enough to receive the Too Faced Pretty Rich Collection and I wanted to review it for you guys and give all the pretty rich deets.

Here’s what in the collection and my thoughts on the items.

Too Faced Pretty Rich Diamond Light Eyeshadow Palette, $49

too faced pretty rich collection

At first glance, this eyeshadow palette is a dream. The varying textures (matte, soft shimmer and chunky glitter) instantly gave me Mariah Carey diva vibes (somebody bring me my diamonds). While the colors were stunning, when I swatched the palette I took note of some shortcomings. The glittery shades (both the diamond glitter and softer shimmer shades) have noticeable fall out. I was able to work with them by using a good primer and doing my eye makeup before applying foundation, concealer etc.

While I think it’s completely workable, I’d personally skip on it to avoid a headache (if you’re not about that life).


Too Faced Pretty Rich Diamond Light Multi-Use Diamond Fire Highlighter, $34

too faced pretty rich collection

I love highlighter ( who doesn’t?) and it pains me to say that I was not too impressed by these. For starters, the two iridescent shades “Diamond Fire” and “Fancy Pink” were not colors I personally would gravitate towards as a Women of Color. The last shade “Canary” is BEAUTIFUL but just not as pigmented as I’d like. I really had to use some elbow grease to get the intensity that I like.

Too Faced Rich & Dazzling High-Shine Sparkling Lip Glosses, $21

too faced pretty rich collection

I’m such a lip gloss girl (and snob) so my expectations for these glosses were high af. Good news: they’re Mika approved! They aren’t super sticky which is important for me in a gloss. Despite the fact that they have sparkles in them,  the texture still feels incredible smooth. I also love how they smell–a light vanilla-esque scent. ‘Though they go on sheer they are buildable.

Sidebar: One of the shades “Social Butterfly” was created by my sister( in my head) Jordyn Woods–an shimmery apricot nude.

Diamond Light Highlighting Brush, $30

I must say right off the back that this brush is BEAUTIFUL and very well constructed. Though this brush is intended for highlighting, I don’t think I’d use it to highlight at all. In my opinion the brush is a bit too dense to apply and blend out a highlight. However, I’ve used it to apply setting powder under my eyes and I LOVE it for that purpose.

Glow Job Radiance-Boosting Glitter Face Mask, $42

too faced pretty rich collection

I have to be honest, I was a little skeptical about this one. I just knew this was going to to be a hot glittery mess but the trick is to let the mask dry down completely before peeling off the mask. This will ensure that minimal traces of glitter is left on your face. Your skin will definitely feel super smooth after using this so apply it as a preface to you makeup routine.

Last but not least, Better than Sex & Diamonds Mascara, $24

too faced pretty rich collection

Just in case you were living under a rock all of these years, Better Than Mascara is the OG  of bomb mascara. If you have little to no lashes (like me) this mascara will bring your lashes to life in an instant. You have to try it for yourself to really understand. This collection includes the same mascara formula but in a diamond in-crested casing that I’m personally going to cherish forever. I feel like such the little Diva coating my lashes a diamond mascara tube.

If you’re looking to try out the Too Faced Pretty Rich collection, it’s currently available at Ulta, Sephora, Nordstrom and of course the brands site <3

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