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7 Things You Shouldn’t Say To A Recent College Grad


The moment I stepped foot off Howard University’s campus, it was like everyone that I hadn’t had contact with in 4+ years took a sudden interest in every small detail of my life. Yes,  many people were just happy  that they knew a proud graduate of the illustrious Howard University but many others were determined to bombard me with questions. I didn’t quite understand why they were concerned in the first place.

If there is a recent college in your life, please spare them by refraining from asking these questions that they get asked 50 million times.

1. So what’s next? What are you going to do with your degree?

Hang it in my diploma case probably in the living room.

2. It’s okay…most college students don’t have jobs in their fields or at all right out of college anyway. 

So many questions here. What kind of conspiracy is this? Can I get a refund? Why is this normalized? Why do you feel telling me this at this particular moment would make me feel better about my life?

3. Anything about the economy being bad …we know

recent college grad seriouslyThe economy has pretty much been screwed well before we have even entered college. I really think rather than telling us how bad the economy/ job market is, you should just say congratulations and happy trails or plug me in for job. Thanks.

4. Are you even looking for a job?

This is a particularly an annoying question when you’ve been sending resumes out all day, stalking people on LinkedIn and attending Networking events to try to get your job company. So the answer is yes, I’m not sitting on my ass doing nothing if that is what you’re asking me…

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5. Something about another recent grad getting a cool ass job and making 6 figures straight out of college

Are you trying to make to feel worse or–let a sister know.

6. What happened to  *insert the name some insignificant college boyfriend or friend that you haven’t associated with since sophomore year.*

mariah cary i don't know her recent college grad

Why are we bringing up the past?

7. Are you planning on going back to school? (for those who aren’t going straight to graduate school)

Wayment, didn’t I just graduate 5 minutes ago? Please allow me to figure out my life just a tad bit before I jump into another $100,000+ of debt to be confused and lost again.  It may work for some but just not me. Cool?


While they may mean well, some things are better left unsaid.

What are some questions you’ve been asked as a recent grad that just outright drive you crazy?




An'Drea July 9, 2017 - 12:19 pm

Even after I graduated with my master’s degree, I was constantly questioned about going back to school for a PhD. And I was like, “Damn, ain’t a master’s good enough?!” Of course these questions came from people who had never been to college and didn’t realize how improper and annoying their questions were. This post is so on point and the GIFs are the perfect touch!

On Maintaining Friendships After College: http://andreaehall.com/friendships-soul-food/

Mika July 9, 2017 - 9:23 pm

That’s insane! Some people just don’t understand how or why it’s annoying and the just won’t quit.

And thank you! Life is much better with a GIF

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