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Things To Do With Your Friends This Weekend That Don’t Include Partying



Honestly I’m not quite the party person anymore and neither are my friends (even those who loved to party a ton in college). Life gets hectic and when I get some “freetime’ I can barely muster up the energy to turn up. Nowadays, I’d  much rather do something that is chill and doesn’t require me to be in a club with loud music, super drunk people and uncomfortable heels. I’m adult-ing right now, which means I have responsibilities and priorities. But that by no means you can’t have fun

Here are some fun activities for you and your squad to partake in if and when you’re not about that partying life but need to take a break from adult-ing momentarily.

Try out a new restaurant.

I’m not particularly one to use the term” foodie” but trying good food can be hobby-like when done in moderation. Trying out a restaurant that is new to the whole squad can be exciting, especially if it is type of cuisine’s that you’ve never had. Whether you like the food or not, it’s an experience that exposes you to something new.

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Sip and Paint

What is Sip & Paint you ask? Exactly what it sounds like. You go to a nice little artsy painting studio and pay to paint while you sip wine aka “creative juices”. You honestly don’t’ have to be an artist to enjoy this activity.

My friends and I tried a place in Washington DC called Artjamz and it was awesome! We took our friend there for her birthday as a surprise and if I might say so myself it was pretty dope. Imagine listening to the Love Jones Soundtrack while sipping a tasty wine and letting your imagination roam free on a canvas. It ‘s utter bliss.


sip and paint date


Of course I needed a photo

Take A Day Trip

When life gets really real, you may find yourself having so many responsibilities that vacations seem like they’re anywhere but in the near future. A good alternative is taking a day trip to somewhere near but different from your own state of residence.

Day Trip ‘s are great because you get to travel without having to find a time that works well with all of your girl friends schedules. It’s also typically low cost and doesn’t take much intense planning.


Grown up karaoke

Head over to a karaoke bar, grab a few cocktails with your friends and enjoy singing and performing your heart out to some of your favorite songs. No singing capabilities needed, just good friends that don’t mind partaking in in the embarrassment while channeling major girl group vibes.



From what I can tell, this is one of the if not THE most enjoyed activity of single ladies especially when it’s warm out. Sidenote: me and my friends have definitely brunched in the snow. There is nothing like sipping mimosas, eating tasty food, cracking jokes with your friends and real life social networking with actual people.

Brunches that turn into day parties are especially fun. For those who are much like myself who don’t really get a kick out of clubbing, brunches + day party’s are something that you can appreciate. It’s a more “grown up” way of partying if you ask me.

Blend on the Water, Blunch Menu

I still can’t wait to go back to this place. Blend On The Water, NYC

Go to the movies or even better…iPic 

The movies is not longer a place for cheap dates; that’s so Junior High School. Take this into consideration; how much more will you be able to enjoy a movie without the awkwardness of being on an actual date? Have you changed your mind yet?If you want an upgraded movies experience, you can go to iPic where drinks and food is served right in the theater.

For those who aren’t particularly enjoying the single life and are secretly longing for a bae to do these activities with, just think about it like this. Your Mr. Right may be doing these same activities with his group of guy friends when he first lays eyes on you. Until then, have fun enjoying time spent with your girls while you don’t have a bae to occupy your time.

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What are some things that you are your girls do or plan on doing for fun? Please share below


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