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To Snoop Or Not To Snoop?!


There are two things that every single woman walking the face of the earth have in common; those two things being the infamous “female intuition” and an advanced degree in private investigation. When those two traits are put to work simultaneously, there’s no telling what could happen. Let me paint you guys a picture.

One day me and my ex are chilling at my place on a Sunday evening laughing and binge watching one of our favorite shows on Netflix. I get up to go to the kitchen to make dinner, while he stayed in the room just watching tv, so I was lead to believe. I came to my room to do something on my MacBook and there it was. He was talking to some girl telling her how much he misses her, sending her kissyfaces and saying all of these dirty things that I couldn’t believe. On top of that, he was dumb enough to be doing it from my laptop, which still to this day amazes me.

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Even though in that instant I didn’t have to go looking for the dirt, I felt the need to know more. I snooped once before when we were suppose to spending at night together; he randomly blew up at me and left his house for hours and I found a secret cellphone. Of course he just lied his way out of it, and me being naive didn’t give him the boot then. But this time around, I found out so much that even the sweetest talker couldn’t dig himself out of this hole.

Everything that you could imagine a cheating boyfriend to do, he was doing it times 10. I’m talking more women than I can count on my hands and toes, hotels rooms, aliases and endless amount of lies. He was even lying to his family about certain things. The person that I thought I knew and loved was an absolute stranger and I’m happy I found it out sooner than later. I found out more than I bargained for, but that would have to be the small price that I’d pay for snooping.

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Most women have snooped at least once in their lives. I know I have and I absolutely don’t feel bad about it. In fact, if I felt it necessary to do again, I would. While in the past I haven’t been happy with my findings, I was happy to shed some light on lies and deceit that I otherwise would have never known about.

If you choose to snoop, here are some things to keep in mind:

Snoop at your own risk

No, I’m not talking about getting caught.Snooping comes with a hefty emotional price tag. For some it can become sort of an addiction to the point where you don’t snoop with a “purpose”, you’re just doing it to stay updated on what you found previously or suspicions from past experiences.

Snooping shouldn’t be your first resort

Before anything else, try open and honest communication with your partner. If you’re dealing with someone unlike the before mentioned a-hole that I was dealing with, communication should be enough to put your PI capabilities to bed.

If you snoop and find something, snitching on yourself is optional; so is stayingharriet-the-spy snooping

Some women will snoop, find dirt and keep it to themselves. Some find dirt, tell their partner, and stay. Others find dirt, tell their partner and leave. If you’re not snooping with the purpose of giving yourself the extra push you need to walk out of the door that you’re already halfway standing out of, it’s being done in vain.

If you snoop and find nothing, quit while you’re ahead

You’re either not going find anything because there’s nothing to find or because your partner isn’t dumb enough to get caught.

For those who are anti-snooping, living by “what I don’t know, won’t hurt me” mantra isn’t any better, emotionally, than the act of snooping itself

As a good friend of mine once said “if that’s what you’re telling yourself, at the end of the day that means you think there’s something wrong and you’re choosing to ignore it.” Not meaning that you need to run out and snoop but be mindful that a part of you regardless may still lack trust in your partner.



"Who Texting Us"Image by © Anthony J. Causi/Splash News/Corbis

Who Texting Us?” Image by © Anthony J. Causi/Splash News/Corbis

So clearly I’m pro-snooping. Does suspicion alone justify snooping or is snooping an inexcusable act no matter the circumstance? Share your thoughts below.












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