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How Spilling Water In My Macbook Helped My Blogging Process



About a week or 2 before my birthday my heart broke when a cup of water spilled into my Macbook. As a blogger & digital creator, you can only imagine how tragic that was for me. The first thing I thought about was how expensive it was going to be to get it fixed or replaced. For weeks on in, I brushed it off and smiled to keep from crying hysterically.
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After sucking it up and working from a Windows desktop for 5 weeks, I decided it was finally time for me to face the music and head to the Apple Store. Blogging just wasn’t the same without it. Something GOD to take one last assessment of the damages before going to the Apple Store. Low and behold,  I plugged it in and I heard the Apple start up chime that I had been longing for for weeks! This is what happens when you patiently pray.

I am beyond grateful that the digital creator heavens opened up and GOD perfor2med a miracle on my Macbook. I didn’t only save some coins and a headache but I also gained a lot being Macbook-less While working from Windows desktops was a bit depressing at first it definitely humbled the hell out of me as a blogger and the bearer of many 1st world problems.
You’re probably saying to yourself, now “how the hell did breaking a Macbook help make your blogging process better”, right? Well here’s how
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It made me force myself into an actual blogging schedule

Blogging from bed or on the go was no longer a luxury. Instead, I had to force myself to blog on specific days at specific times during the week to ensure that ATBM.com was still up and running.

I had to plan more efficiently and not do things on a whim

As an avid Mac user, you can only imagine how frustrating working from a Windows computer was. It just felt like one big glitch to me honestly. Blogging from a windows computer posed a lot of issues just for the simple fact that it was different in a bad way.

The computer I was temporarily working on also was very slow and gave me many issues. What I could usually get done on my Macbook in an hour was not taking me up to 3 depending on the nature of the task.

When planning my blog or social media posts I had to make sure that I realistically gave myself enough time to get things done because I could run into a problem at any given moment.


Between work and not having a Macbook to cuddle with, I had to get sh*t done in a timely fashion. I began to finally see what Mattie of Mattieologie.com meant. Instead of focusing on getting a single blog post done in a day, I was aiming for as many as I could get done given the “free time” that I had. Knocking out a week’s worth of content in a day can help everything flow that much more smoothly.


I made it by business to engage more on social media

Not having a Macbook gave me serious anxiety. One thing that I thought to do more to compensate for what I could possibly lack in creating quality content was engaging online.

Engaging online should be done no matter if you have full access to a computer or not to says the least. But connecting with people online was still giving me the same traffic (actually increased it) as to when I was pumping out content more consistently. I made it my business to genuinely engage at least two hours a day on Twitter and Instagram.


Interestingly enough, the month of August was one of my best months in terms of traffic and engagement, despite the fact that I didn’t have my Macbook to hold me down. All the things that I was “forced” to do without my Macbook are things that I plan to continue doing, well because they work.

For my bloggers/content creators out there.. what have been some helpful things that have transformed your creating process? 

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