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4 Ways to “Self-Care” in a Pandemic

by Deveney Marshall

The pandemic has been looming over us for over a year now. I don’t even need to go into detail about how much damage it has caused within the world and our personal lives. Dealing with a pandemic has been rough, and unfortunately for us, it doesn’t look like covid-19 will be going away anytime soon. 

Although many of us are still adjusting to our new norms, the mundane of everyday life has not ceased. We are still expected to show up as our best selves, even amid a pandemic, especially those of us who are working on the frontlines as essential workers. 

Practicing self-care is more important than ever right now. It is crucial to our well-being that we take care of our physical and psychological health. Below are four ways I have been dealing with the pandemic blues.

Weekly At-Home Spa Days.

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I have always been a HUGE spa lover. My mom started me on my self-care journey early. When I was a little girl, she made sure I took lavender, milk, and honey baths, did face masks, and visited hair and nail salons as often as possible. At the time, I didn’t realize she was preparing me to know the importance of caring for yourself as a woman and how much doing so does for your spirit. As I grew older, I made sure to continue to pamper myself with spa days and acts of self-care. 

My at-home spa days have been my saving grace throughout this pandemic. I can still enjoy a level of luxury I’m used to without the hefty price tag, a win-win in my book.  They consist of me pouring myself a glass of champagne, deep-conditioning my hair, blasting my facial steamer, using my favorite face masks and oils, putting my feet up, and thoroughly enjoying some me time.

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Journal Daily.

Writing down your thoughts and emotions have a tremendous effect on how you process and internalize the world.

I am an advocate for journaling. If you sit down with me and begin to discuss your problems I’m going to ask “do you journal?”. For years, I made it a mission of mine to journal daily, however, once the pandemic happened I caught a severe case of the pandemic blues and I was not in the mood to write like I normally do.

One day I recorded a voice note to help me express and process my emotions and I loved how relieved I felt afterward, ever since then I’ve been voice journaling. Journaling daily is a practice I recommend to everyone—find the medium that best suits you.

Five Minutes of Daily Meditation.

Practicing spiritual mindfulness for five minutes every day helps me to stay present, remain focused, and feel at peace. Especially now, I rarely have a dull moment and my mind is always racing. Taking a few minutes to sit or lie still, breathe deeply, and just live in the current moment is essential. After meditating, I always gain a sense of clarity that helps me to remember what we view as the present will one day be a thing of the past.

Social-Distanced Fun With Loved-Ones.

Although we are in a pandemic and large gatherings are still very dangerous, many cities have returned to some type of public normalcy. A lot of places are open at 25% capacity and observing strict covid regulations. If you feel comfortable enough to do so, grab a friend and head to brunch, lunch, or dinner. Recently I met up with a friend for brunch and our gathering turned out to be just what I needed to restore my mental and emotional health. Just make sure you and your party have all recently tested negative for covid and please, wear your damn mask. 

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Deveney M.

Deveney Marshall is a New Orleans-based filmmaker and actress, mental health specialist, entrepreneur, and lifestyle influencer. She is the CEO of the society and culture website thedevandthecity.com and the owner of DEVANDTHECITY Productions. Deveney’s mission in life is to inspire and empower others to be their true and authentic selves. Be sure to follow Deveney on her journey on Instagram and Twitter @devandthecity.

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