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Returning Trends That I Cant Wait to Rock This Fall

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Keeping up with the latest trends from year to year can be challenging, especially when you’re on a budget. Thankfully, for those of us that can’t afford an entire wardrobe remodel every year, some trends from the fall of 2015 are still going strong for the fall of 2016.

Gladiator Sandals


For starters, you know those gladiator sandals you invested in three years ago? Yeah, bust those things out again, especially if they’re suede.

Gladiators’ popularity have wained slightly over the years, but they never disappeared completely. This season, they’re an easy addition to any fall outfit. The suede style perfectly balances out a softened fall look, and a mid-calf design is a killer complement to a midi skirt on those warmer days.


Statement Glasses

via shefinds.com

via shefinds.com

And speaking of accessories, bring those round sunglasses out of hiding this fall as well. Round sunglasses are perfect for heart-shaped faces, as well as those with strong jawlines and high cheekbones. They balance out your natural bone structure to complement your face shape in the best possible way.

Athletic Gear

makeup shayla

via @MakeupShayla Instagram

Next, keep on keeping on with all your favorite athleisure. New athleisure stores are popping up everywhere, and lines like Fabletics, LIVELY, and Julianne Hough’s new collection with MPG Sports are as relevant as ever.Oh, and let’s not forget our fav, Beyonce, dropped IVY Park this summer. If you didn’t get it then, now’s a hell of a good time.

Keep in mind that, like always, the look has a time and a place. You don’t want to wear yoga pants to a nice restaurant, or a come to work wearing only a sports bra and leggings. But if you’re going out for a quick bite or doing some shopping for the day, tank tops and yoga pants are totally acceptable.


Kourtney Kardashian
Finally, recycle some of your off-the-shoulder tops from 2015. Last year, there was a surge in slouchy, boho designs, Romantic and Renaissance-inspired pieces, and the barely there/naked trend. They were three very different styles, but they all required ladies to bare their shoulders.

If you didn’t stock up last year, there are plenty of new and trendy off-the-shoulder tops to add to your collection. Peasant tops are still a designer favorite, especially in white and plaid, in addition to styles that incorporate ties. That’s an extra, sometimes-necessary feature that’s ideal for those of you that have trouble keeping your shirt in place.

Bomber Jackets

bomber jacket

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And for my all time fave…BOMBERS! With the varying lengths, designs, and styles, a bomber jacket is the perfect addition to a cute fit without ruining the whole vibe. You can dress it up or down as you like which is a major plus.

This year, you don’t have to spend a lot to keep with the current trends. Pay attention, do your research, and you just might have more gems hiding in your closet than you realize.

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Anonymous September 22, 2016 - 8:37 am

I thought I was the only one who had a thing for athletic wear in the fall


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