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8 Signs That She’s Not into You


Where I’m from, we call that “respecting the curve”. I think most ladies can agree that there’s always that 1 (or maybe 2 or 3) dudes that don’t take no for an answer. No to them is more like a “not right now”.

Maybe if we were talking about a job opportunity, that philosophy would apply; but in the case of a woman sorry, but no. Same for my ladies; if you express interest in a dude and he doesn’t reciprocate it, just quit while you’re ahead.

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It may be time for you to respect the curve if:

You hit her up and she doesn’t respond or she always has an excuse as to why she took so long to respond.

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“oh, sorry I just saw your message…I was washing my hair (5 days later)”


Y’all go out on, what to you is, a date but then you don’t really hear from her that much afterwards. Not even a “I really enjoyed the restaurant you took me to”.

Save your coins and move on; there’s no need to aim for date number 2. Just because a woman isn’t really into you, doesn’t mean that she won’t take you up on your offer to go out on a date. Depending on how her day is set up, she may just be down for free food & drinks, but that’s really it.                                                                    


You don’t get holiday hit up’s. No Merry Christmas, Happy Thanksgiving, Rosh Hashanah text…NOTHING.

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9 times out of 10, if a girl is digging you she will hit you up on a holiday even if you guys aren’t spending it together. Why do you ask? Because in her mind there’s a slight chance that she wished she was or she will one day.


When you try to “shoot your shot” she laughs it off

Like if you say “damn, I can really see us being together” and her response is “Lol you crazy” or something along those lines, please exit the court.


She talks to you about dudes who she finds attractive. Some of which may or may not be your friends

holiday party do's and don'ts

Sorry but you’re in the friend zone buddy.


She may reply to your text but a phone call or FaceTime chat is out of question

That’s all reserved for bae.


When you two are together she doesn’t try to get close to you or rarely makes eye contact

She’s really trying to get you to take a hint with this one. She’s not trying to be reserved and not take it there right now. She never wants to take it there!


She tell’s you straight up “I’m not into you” or even “I’m not looking to date or be in a relationship right now.”

Please man, just don’t even do it to yourself.

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Instead of chasing after someone who is clearly running 55 miles per hour in the opposite direction, it may be time for you to put that energy into something else. Say, someone who has even the slightest bit of interest in you. Sometimes, persistence really isn’t the key & you don’t need DJ Khaled to help you on that one.

Gentleman (& ladies) have you been respecting the curve? What’s the craziest way you’ve been curve by someone you were pursuing? I want to hear every detail lol.


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