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5 Things That You Can Relate To If You Have A Resting Bitch Face


Yes, I’m talking about Resting Bitch Face Syndrome. Contrary to belief, those who suffer from Resting Bitch Face Syndrome actually can’t help the fact that when in resting position, not intending to showing any type of emotion we look “mean”. We even sometimes think we look pleasant or “normal” but apparently to everyone else we look like we’re ready to call up an army of Resting Bitch Faces and do damage.


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If you suffer from Resting Bitch Syndrome, the following things may have happened to you at least once in your life.

1. While you’re casually walking down the street, maybe even listening to your favorite playlist, some man yells to you “you too pretty to look so mean”. Bih what? If I had a dollar for every time I’ve heard that line I’d move myself and my Resting Bitch Face to star island in Miami where no one will have to be offended by my Resting  Bitch Face ever again.

2. After someone finally got to know you for the person you are and not the permanent facial expression that you wear and can’t even control, they hit you with the random “When we first met I thought you were going to be a total bitch but…” I never hear anything past that because honestly it’s pretty flipping offensive. What ever happened to NOT judging a book by its cover? Hmm?

3. People randomly asking you if you’re okay when you’ve actually been having a pretty freaking awesome day. You know, until someone keeps asking if you’re okay and starting to get really annoying forcing you to say something like “I WAS okay until you continued to keep bothering me asking if it was something wrong with me a million and freaking 1 times. Thank you for now getting on my damn nerves.” If you don’t say something like that you at least think it.

4. Been asked to smile as if people depend on you awkwardly smiling to cure all of the worlds aliments. Sigh.

5. A bunch of other things that honestly us Resting Bitch Faces don’t care to comment on right now. At this point we are in our feelings.

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For those who have time after time offended the Resting Bitch Faced Gods and Goddesses (yes, men have resting bitch faces too) what do you want us to do? Get Botox? Smile all day like a psycho maniac serial killer? Or should we walk around with a sign around out necks that reads “I woke up came out the womb like this don’t mind me” with an arrow pointing upward. Yeah, that’s never going to happen.

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For those who are the bitch faced “offenders”, what are your reactions to peoples comments about your Resting Bitch Face?

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