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[REVIEW] TikTok Girls Said Outre Melted Hairline Wigs Are That Girl And…


In this edition of “TikTok made me buy it,” we have Outre’s Melted Hairline Lace Front Wig HD in style “Jenni.” Once upon a time, synthetic wigs gave old-er church lady vibes (why so shiny yet stiff?). However, today’s synthetic wigs are giving human lace wigs a run for their money. Outre’s Melted Hairline HD wigs are one of the more popular lines of HD synthetic, according to some of the wig wizards on the innanet. Of course, I had to try it out for myself to give y’all the tea. Did I mention this wig starts at $35 (prices vary based on color)?

The details of the Wig (I’m wearing the color Golder Amber)


Trying out a synthetic wig 😱

♬ original sound – Mika 💕
Outre melted hairline hd jenni
Jenni Unstyled, fresh out the box.
  • Soft HD Transparent Lace
  • 5” Deep Parting (T-Part)
  • Completely Pre-Plucked Hairline & Sideburns
  • Pre-Attached wide Elastic Band for a Secure Fit
  • Natural Baby Hairs
  • Redesigned Comfort Fit Ear Contour
  • Heat Resistant up to 400 degrees
  • Kinky Straight Texture
Outre MElted Hairline HD LAceFront Wig Jenni
Jenni after styling with hot rollers. This was after day 5 of testing this wig btw.

I applied this synthetic wig using Bold Hold Liquid Gold as my adhesive. To flatten the top of the wig (surrounding the part) I used She Is Bomb Collection Wax Stick and an electric hot comb. To curl the front of the wig just a bit more, I used T3 Micro Hot Rollers. This helped the Jenni wig look a bit more curled in the front than it comes out of the pack. As I mentioned earlier,Outre’s Melted Hairline collection generally withstands up to 400 degrees in heat.

Does the wig tangle or shed?

I wore the Outre Melted Hairline “Jenni” “wig five times for at least 5 hours each (and once while biking with a helmet on—that’s how dedicated I was to see what this wig had to offer). The tangling was minimal. For the hair to be so full, it doesn’t tangle nearly as much as I expected it to. It tangled a bit more than a human hair wig but not to the point of knotting up. To detangle, I brushed it with a Felecia Leatherwood detangling hairbrush.

Outre melted hairline hd jenni
Jenni wig styled with T3 Micro Hot Rollers. This is after a couple of wears, so the wig needed a shampoo.

There was some shedding but not a ton. The shedding is more than likely coming from cutting the lace and manipulating the parting, which wig wearers know is bound to happen when you’re dealing with lace.

Can you washOutre’s Melted Hairline HD Lace Front Wig “Jenni”?

Outre Melted Hairline Wig in style “Jenni”

I can’t speak for the wholeOutre’s Melted Hairline HD Lace Front Collection, however, you can wash Jenni. I filled my bathroom sink with cool water and SheaMoisture Wig & Weave Residue Remover Shampoo for Human and Synthetic Hair and dunked the wig in, repeating until the water came back clear. I skipped conditioner since it’s synthetic ( I don’t find that necessary or beneficial for synthetic wigs).

IsOutre’s Melted Hairline HD Lace Front Wig in the style “Jenni”worth buying?

With no hesitation, I must say yes. For starters, this particular style is soft, effortless, and pretty. The wig’s layers are cut perfectly, though I did consider cutting it a bit more in the front. It reminds me of a Dominican blowout done on coarse hair (the fibers on the wig are kinky/yaki textured). If you’ve been looking for a reason to try Amazon Wigs, let this blog post be your sign to pull the trigger.

While the lace is decent for a synthetic, I still needed to add a powder foundation to make the lace match with my skin (Try: FENTY Pro Fil’tr Powder Foundation, Sephora Microblur Powder). I love that I can wear it pre-styled or curl it to get it a bit more defined.

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