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My Man Hates That I Wear Makeup But I Could Care Less!


One day I found myself in the company of an old flame, who  I’ve actually grown to get along with years after actually being together. That was until he decided to come for my beautifully beat face. The two of us and our two friends were having a serious career related conversation which totally went left (for me at least) when my ex looked at me in mid sentence and said ” I like you much better without makeup on” (or something along those lines. *insert scratched record soundbite here* Maybe I’m imagining things, but I also heard him say that I had “too much makeup on” but no one will vouch for that so I digress.

But did this ninja really come for me or am I tripping? That day I honestly had on just powder, lipstick, mascara and very neutral eyeshadow that could barely be seen past my bangs, what I like to call a sweet beat.


"Sweet Beat"

“Sweet Beat”

I wanted to rectify the situation, because I refused to believe that he refused to embrace the talent that these hands have been blessed with. I proceeded to show him him selfies in my phone (both beat faced and plain jane) and this is the one that he chose as being my prettiest picture.

Post workout selfie. Of course I was flattered but dang.

Luckily I don’t do my makeup for anyone but myself because otherwise I would have been devastated by the fact that my beat face (which gives me life) does not bring the boys to my yard apparently.

From my conversations with guys in regards to their personal sentiments towards women who wear make up, I’ve gotten the following responses.

  1. Some prefer their woman to be “au naturale” or at least look very natural if they are wearing makeup.beyonce no makeup
  2. Some are okay if their women walking around like a Glamizon Goddess’s, with their face beat for the gawds and runway ready at all times.kim kardashian makeup
  3. Some have no preference as long as “Tyra” doesn’t look like “Tyrone” when it all comes off.makeup transformation

Guy #2 & #3, us beat face divas of the world absolutely appreciate you for appreciating the skills that GOD has blessed us with. Thank you. As for Guy #1, I have a little word of advice for you in regards to commenting about your woman or any woman’s makeup. Just don’t! Unless you are looking to open up a can of worms that can’t be closed, then be my guest.

Makeup for most women is a hobby and a type of artistic expression. For me personally my makeup for the most part reflects my mood or tends to balance out what I’m wearing that day. Makeup is also what helps me make money at the time, considering one of my jobs is as a beauty consultant.

My philosophy is that if you don’t wear makeup you absolutely have no right to comment about it. That goes for women who don’t wear makeup either. Would you care for the opinion of a woman who doesn’t wear sneakers comments about how dumb lining up to receive a ticket to purchase Jordan’s or Yeezy’s is? Probably not. Or what about a person who only listen’s to Taylor Swift and One Direction critiquing Lil Wayne’s No Ceiling 2 mixtape? (I still haven’t gotten a chance to listen to it btw). Still…I don’t think so.

Of course you’re entitled to your own opinion, but like your mother has told you time and time again, there’s a time and place for everything.

For the men who are like guy #1

Don’t: Tell a woman she looks better without makeup on when she already has her face done and probably spend 30 minutes to an hour of her precious time doing it.

Do: Tell her when she has no makeup on how beautiful she looks (you don’t need to say ANYTHING about it being because she has no makeup on btw) She may take your kind words into account before piling on the makeup next time around.

Don’t: Tell her how to do her makeup or your personal preferences using the word’s I like. You know nothing.

Do: Emphasize the looks that you’ve taken a liking to on her with your words(i.e. red lipstick looks so beautiful on you or that eyeshadow makes your eyes light up the room). Word play means everything.

Don’t: Ever think that she does her makeup for you or any other man. That’s laughable.


Do: Appreciate the fact that she puts effort into how she looks. You’ll be thanking her in the next 30 years or so.

Don’t: Ever complain about how much makeup she buys, especially if it’s with her own hard earned money.

Do: Support her habit. That is okay.


Fellas, what are your HONEST feelings about women and makeup?

Ladies, does you man’s feelings about makeup ever factor into how much or little you wear or buy?

Lets us know below!


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