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Going Out For NYE Is Overrated–Here’s How I Prefer To Celebrate


My pre 21-year-old self would have never imagined that in just 4 short years, I’d be over going out for New Year’s Eve. The year I turned 21 I just knew that my new year’s celebration would be Epic and one to go down in the books. My expectation was a big closing out to my year that would open up my new year with my confidence on 10. In reality what I got was swollen feet from wearing painfully cute heels, a hangover and a bank account that even the brokest college student would find depressing.

If it’s anything that I learned from my first and the last attempt at celebrating New Year’s Eve while hitting the club scene is that it’s absolutely overrated and most people secretly hate it in the first place. Fear of missing out (FOMO) puts it in our heads that if we aren’t out in the club turning up as if tomorrow isn’t promised we are not bringing in the New Year on a good note. If you call standing in the cold on long lines for clubs with overpriced cover charges and drinks bringing in the new year “the right way” then honestly I don’t want to be right.new year

While we don’t go to sleep on December 31st and wake up being a brand new person come January 1st, New Year’s Eve is still the perfect time to set the tone for what you imagine this New Year to be like. Even if you aren’t one to set resolutions, it’s that small human part of you that can’t help but to invigorated by the presence of a New Year approaching. Honestly, I find it ironic that bringing in the New Year is associated with so many bad habits that you should probably leave behind.

Some of my most cherished New Years have been spent alone, at home or strictly with people that I love. If you’re over going out for New Year’s Eve and are looking for more fitting ways to spend that night, here are a few suggestions to get the New Year started on a high note. Cheers to that.

Stay off social media

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The first rule of staying home on New Year’s Eve is not to bother yourself with everyone’s celebrations. Social media, as with most other things, sets this ridiculously high standard of what this one day of the year is supposed to look like and you by no means need to feed into it.

Have a spa night

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One of the best ways to feel good is by looking good. Set the tone for the New Year by taking the time to relax and reflect. Whether your self-care is taking a bubble bath with a glass of wine or finally completing your wash day that was scheduled 3 days ago, take this time off to make it about you and bring the same sentiments into the year with you.

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Go to church

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Whether you go to church regularly or not, it has never hurt anyone to be in a place where nothing but positive messages are being put into the air. The first year I went to church on New Year’s Eve, I hadn’t been in a church in well over 5 years. However, listening to the messages and blessings being passed around in celebration of the coming year put me in such a great place and I kept the momentum going.

Catch up with some old friends and family to wish them a Happy New Years and exchange some positive thoughts.

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With all the things that life swings our way, we can sometimes go without speaking to our loved ones for weeks and even months without really realizing. Since everyone is in the spirit of starting the New Year on a good foot, exchange some good energies and positive messages with the people you love the most. While you’re at, make it a priority to check in with them more throughout the coming year.

Make a gratitude list and bast in your accomplishments

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Before setting goals for the upcoming year, it’s always a great idea to reflect on what you have accomplished in the previous year. Instead of overwhelming yourself with goals take the time to give yourself a pat on the back. Build from there in the New Year.

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Last resort, bring the party to your own home

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Just because you don’t feel like dealing with the mess that is the New Year’s Eve party scene doesn’t mean you can enjoy those same festivities (with fewer headaches and on a budget). Whether you cook an elaborate dinner, order in or have friends and family bring a dish, avoiding overpriced dinner menus on NYE is always a plus. Even better, drinking in the comfort of your own home is 10 times better than being drunk outdoors and requesting a surge price Uber at the end of the night. Sidebar: Applebees in Times Square NYC is charging $400 for tables.

While New Year’s Eve may be the official close to what may have been a good or bad year, it isn’t a rule that you must go out in order to start the New Year on a good foot. At the bare minimum, reflect on the past year and vow to make the New Year even better.

How are you celebrating New Year’s Eve this year?

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