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Pop-Up’s And Other Lit Stores To Visit in NYC


I honestly don’t see how anyone could ever be bored in New York. The Big  Apple does absolutely the most all the time–even when you’re not in the mood for it. The part the I personally enjoy the most about NYC is that there is always something to do for the free. It’s usually pretty cool things that I truly appreciate experiencing (on someone elses dime).Pop up shops are the epitome of free fun and I spent one day of my Holiday “break” exploring some of them with my sisters.

Here are a few pops ups I visited that I think you’d appreciate too, plus some others that I haven’t hit up just yet. Hopefully, I can knock out the rest by Monday.

YSL Beauty,


ysl beauty pop up

This pop-up is in town until December 31st and full of luxury YSL Beauty galore. You can customize lipstick packaging and even score some pretty good deals on some YSL Beauty sets. Of course, the pop-up is super cute and picture worthy.


I especially had fun trying on makeup via their YSL Beauty App. The lip colors were lit

CANDLE POWER by Yankee Candle

503 Broadway, Soho, New York City, NY

I LOVE LOVE LOVE candles and Yankee Candles are definitely at the top of my list for candle brands. Not only does this place smell like candle heaven, it “instagrammable” set up includes an upside-down room and poolside scenery.

Upside down room is much cooler in real life.


They also offer coupons while in store for free candle customization and of course I customized mine with Cardi B. May burning this candle bless me with a Cardi year of my own in 2018. Did I mention I got 2 large candles for $30 (they are usually $27.99 each–Issa Steal)

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Everybody in NYC probably has gone to this Volez Voguez Voyagez at least 3 times by now. This isn’t technically a pop up “shop” but this exhibit is only in town until January 7th, so it’s worth seeing before it leaves.

There’s a lot of information about Louis Vuitton if you’re a fashion geek however what caught my attention was the curated rooms. instagrammable as well. Oh, of course, you get a free Louis Vuitton pin at the end– you may want to collect them while you can. This exhibit is in town until January 7th.


110 5th Avenue, New York, NY 10011


Unfortunately, I haven’t been to this one just yet but I’ve heard that it’s super dope and has an all-white adult friendly ball pit. Definitely, have to knock this one out soon before it leaves which is December 31st!


Most beauty enthusiasts remember Birchbox for being an online subscription box however it now has a cool location in NYC. This is Birchbox’s first flagship store. In the store you can do everything from shop some of your favorite products to creating your own customized beauty box. I definitely think it’s worth paying a visit.

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This also is not technically a “pop-up” shop however they started in the city as “test stores.” I haven’t been to this one but Bulletin has a very interesting concept to it. It’s sort of like Esty but in real life. Independent women-owned brands can rent space from Bulletin on a month-month basis and sell their female empowering products.

NY In Bed PinLil Kim Sticker Set No Scrubs Bangle

Everything in the store has some type of feminist take on it and I’m totally here for it.

Bacardi-No Ordinary Mix

This year I realized that liquor brands have events too and Bacardi is the next one on my list to hit up. No Ordinary mix is held at different locations throughout NYC and will be running through January 24th. It features some interesting twists on pitcher mixes (featuring GREY GOOSE, BOMBAY SAPPHIRE, BACARDI 8 and D’USSÉ), themed karaoke (including trap, reggae, and 90’s R&B) and lots of laughs I’m sure.

What are some other cool pop-ups or attractions that are popping in New York City? Let’s chat about it on twitter.


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