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7 Motivational Youtube Videos From Female Entrepreneurs & Creatives


Sometimes when you can’t find the motivation to get sh*t done on your own, you have to outsource.

Motivational videos are a hidden gem on Youtube; some coming right from the channels of the vloggers who’s content we know and love. Here is a short list of motivational Youtube videos from creators, showing the rough road behind the glitz and glamour in the life of a creative in the limelight


Necole Kane | @HelloNecole

Necole is someone that I have had the opportunity to work with over the years and is one of the reasons I’ve even continued to keep blogging and writing when I thought I was incapable. I’ve always admired her for her honesty and her willingness to tell it how it is while other people act like there sh*t don’t stink. In this video, she talks about how she left her successful celebrity gossip blog of 8 years, NecoleBitchie.com, to press the reset button on a challenging journey growing xoNecole.com, losing direction and sometimes coins in the process.


Shayla Mitchell | @MakeupShayla

Shayla is by far one of my favorite beauty vloggers out there. Aside from being amazingly talented and having a super relatable personality, her humble beginnings is enough to show you that no dream, no matter how crazy it may seem, is impossible. Watch as she shares her journey from living in shoe box sized apartment with crooked floors to strutting and slaying in a deluxe apartment in the sky.


Jackie Aina | @JackieAina


Jackie, a YouTube veteran, is one of the best to ever so it. In this videos, she shares how she got through challenging times in life knowing that everything is temporary, even the good things, yet the need to have gratitude along the way.

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Jade | @LipstickNCurls

Jade takes a stroll down memory lane to talk about the hard times that have shaped the person that she is now. By knowing that the struggles that she went through at the moment was not how here life was meant to be, she was able to pull herself out of the many difficult situations that life brought her way. Have a mustard seed yall.

Alyssa | @AlyssaForever

After taking a Social Media hiatus, Alyssa opens up about suffering from depression and self-doubt. While she has created content that her 1.1 Million followers absolutely LOVE, she talks about not being satisfied with her creative content and pushing through only to make a living through YouTube. She also ditches on the how routines and other self-care practices have slowly but surely help pull her out of her depression.


Tierra Walker | @TierraWalker

Tierra is able to smile now while telling about past struggles that she’s had, being a broke college student working two jobs and wanting more for herself. After quitting her job as a server, she used her 1 month of worth of expenses in her savings to do YouTube Full-time. Almost 500,000 subscribers later, Tierra talks about how much change can happen in a year, or in life,  with the power of prayer and gratitude.

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Beyonce, the Diva, the female version of a hustler has been grinding  long before herself and the rest of Destiny’s Children were warning us about trifling good for nothing type of brothers. The Queen has made a great name for herself in a industry that is short lived. We watched her grow from the star in one of history’s greatest girl groups to being a Music slayer, loving mother and beautiful wife. In short, this video shows when in doubt WWBD (what would Beyonce do).


If you want to more motivational videos, check out my YouTube playlist below and add some of your own if you like.

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