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Morphe Tapped Into Black Women In Beauty For Their “Filter Effect Foundation” Launch

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Once upon a time, Morphe was a key player in my life as far as makeup is concerned. As a broke beauty enthusiast, Morphe always held your girl down, dropping products that fit my budget while offering the quality of prestige makeup that I couldn’t afford. From visiting the Morphe store in Los Angeles to waiting on long ass lines at IMATS to get deals at their booth, it’s safe to say your girl stanned the hell out of Morphe at a point in time.

Why I stopped buying Morphe

In the most recent years, Morphe completely lost me as a fan by repeatedly aligning themselves with problematic brands and Influencers such as Jeffree Star, Nakita Dragun, and Laura Lee. A long story short, I haven’t been checking for Morphe until their most recent launch—The Morphe Filter Effect Soft Focus Foundation in which the brand tapped into some of my fav Black Beauty Gurus to launch.

What drew me to this Morphe launch?

When Morphe announced that they were launching this new skin-like foundation with MakeupShayla as the face and makeup artist Danessa Myricks as the creative director and photographer, it caught my attention immediately. I’m trying to be on the right side of “cancel culture”, so instead of automatically assuming the brand was pandering to the Black community, I decided to embrace the launch and hope their intentions are pure (FYI, I’m playing you hella close from this day forth, Morphe).

Deet’s on Morphe’s Filter Effect Soft-Focus Foundation

Morphe Filter Effect Soft Focus Foundation
Credit: Morphe

# of Shades: 40
Finish: Natural
Morphe.com, ULTA
My Shade: Filter Rich 28

What does the Morphe Filter Effect Soft Focus Foundation claim to do?

Key Claims (pulled from ULTA):

  • Hyaluronic Acid boosts moisture levels and vitamin E delivers antioxidant protection
  • Pore-blurring pigments diffuse the look of imperfections
  • Natural, buildable coverage
  • Longwearing, sweatproof, and transfer-proof
  • Free of oils, fragrances, and parabens
  • Luxe formula crafted in Italy

FYI, I tried this foundation FOUR times before writing this review

I often try foundations more than once when writing reviews mainly because first impressions can often be faulty. Also, I initially used a concealer that I honestly don’t think I like very much and needed to make sure that I was judging the foundation based on its actual performance and not other products I used with it.

With that being said, I reccomend using other complexion products like concealers and powders with this foundation only if they give off skin-like finishes and natural coverage as well. Otherwise, it may leave your face looking a hot mess.

Some of my favorite concealers (that work well with Morphe Filter Effect Soft-Focus) are:

The verdict

REVIEW Morphe Filter Effect Soft Focus Foundation

I can’t lie, several points were made with Morphe Filter Effect Soft-Focus Foundation. While it isn’t (in my opinion) truly long-wearing, sweat-proof, or transfer-proof, it looks SUPER natural. Even when you build up the foundation it looks and feels like skin (probably due to the formula including key skincare ingredients like hyaluronic acid and vitamin E). Though it transfers from my experience (especially while wearing a mask), my skin still looked flawless by the end of the night.

It’s clear that this formula isn’t meant to be a full-coverage, cover all of your flaws type of foundation. It seems nearly impossible to cake up this product—if you want a skin-like finish you can’t go wrong with Morphe Filter Effect Soft-Focus especially for only $20.

I’m going to end this by saying. if Morphe wants to show they’re truly working to be inclusive they need to continue including Black women behind the scenes and in other facets of their business. Also, Morphe girl, just stay away from the problematics. I need this energy all the time or not at all.

The Morphe Filter Effect Soft-Focus is currently available on Morphe.com and at ULTA. Share this post and let me know if you plan on trying!


itsdinorah February 17, 2021 - 5:39 pm

Come thruuu Mika! Agreed, agreed, agreed … I did experience transfer and it doesn’t completely cover my hyperpigmentation BUT I did like the finish. I think I need a darker shade though I thought it would oxidize but surprisingly it didn’t. Did you set with powder? I tried some of the CT Airbrush powder but I need to work on my technique on applying powder over foundation, I usually only set my under eyes and chin 🙁

Eve’s Saint Lil Ron💰 (@astoldbyMIKA) February 18, 2021 - 8:59 pm

Hey Boo—thanks for reading! I also didn’t experience any oxidizing (thank GOD). I set the foundation with the Fenty Beauty Invisimatte pressed powder but very lightly. I usually just do a light dusting with a fluffy brush (sometimes a denser brush in my oiler areas! P.S. I need to try that Ct Powder—heard great things ❤️


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