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#MeatlessEveryday: 6 Meat Substitutes I Love That Aren’t Tofu

by Mika

As of March 18th, 2018, I’ve officially been pescatarian for 2 months. In all honesty, I never imagined that I’d make it this far. I gave up meat temporarily just as a way to cleanse my body but after feeling so much better without it I just never looked back .

To keep it completely candid, yes I think about some of my favorite meat dishes from time to time but I haven’t struggled with cravings or temptation much because I’ve found ways to recreate dishes that I love that typically call for some sort of meat as an ingredient.

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It’s hard to go from eating meat all your life to giving it up cold turkey. My taste buds naturally crave dishes that I’ve loved all my life that traditionally call for meat. That’s why I’ve been searching high and low for meat substitutes to help me along the way.

Here are some of my favorite meat substitutes that have made transitioning to pescatarianism a breeze

Soy Chorizo, $2.29

trader joes soy chorizo

Before being pescatarian, I didn’t eat Chorizo often but I’m so happy that I tried this. It has so much flavor–I love it. You can’t really cut it up like actual chorizo because it breaks apart into crumbles but it’s still so good.  I cooked mine with riced cauliflower from TJ’s—-BOMB!

Salmon Jerky

The closest thing to beef jerky I truly enjoyed were slim jim’s (yes, I’m not proud)—it made for a quick on the go snack. Salmon jerky is super taste and high in protein–definitely a great quick pick me up when you need a little something to munch on.

CLICK TO READ LATER: Why I Stopped Eating Meat Cold Turkey (No Pun Intended)

Beef-less Ground Beef, $2.99

beefless gorund beef

Photo Credit: https://www.becomebetty.com/trader-joes-beefless-ground-beef/

I needed a beef substitute for my friend’s taco & tequila night and let me tell you–this was perfect. The texture mimics meat enough to where you don’t care you’re not eating real meat. It also soaks in flavor of the seasoning very well (you know what I’m trying to say here). I felt like I was eating real beef tacos.

Beef-less Ground (Crumbles), $4.99
beefless ground


This is probably one of the most meat-like substitutes that I’ve tried thus far. I would definitely recommend using this for dishes like, lasagna, chili, tacos or anything else that required chopped up ground beef.

Soy Sausage Patties

Photo Credit: https://www.clubtraderjoes.com/2014/01/trader-joes-meatless-breakfast-patties.html

I LOVE breakfast and it has been breaking my heart to not have sausage, egg and cheese sandwiches in the morning. However, these sausage patties have brought life back to my breakfast. They’re seasoned well and taste very similar to meat sausage patties. I need to try the sausage links next–and is there a soy bacon somewhere?

Veggie Burgers 


I’ve loved veggies burgers long before I ditched meat but these veggie burgers are sooooooo gooooood. Buy them and don’t even question it.

Do you have some of your own favorite meat substitutes. Let me know on Twitter because I’m always looking for more options.

Disclaimer: This post is not sponsored; I’m just a little obsessed with Trader Joe’s and all their meatless options.

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