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Mars Is Secretly Every Girls Dream Boyfriend…I’ll Explain



She’s Gotta Have It has been one of the most talked about Netflix releases of 2017. The series which is a remake of Spike Lee’s 1986 debut movie., follows Nola Darling, a starving Brooklyn artist who is in the midst of juggling 3 “boyfriends”.

There’s Jamie Overstreet, her married beau that has a “difficult” situation at home but takes cares of Nola like no other.

There’s also Greer Childs, her artsy french speaking lover that can’t get enough of Nola or himself.

And lastly, there’s Mars, the down to Earth youngin’ and dreamer that always knows how to put a smile on Nola’s face.


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Mars may be a little rough around the edges and he may even have a ton of growing up to do but he is the most irresistible of Nola’s 3 love interests and here’s why.

He doesn’t take the relationship too seriously–or at least tries not to

Mars overall is an easy going person and compared to the other men in Nola’s loving bed he keeps it cool. He may get lost in the sauce and try to pursue more with Nola than shes open to but he knows when to fall back and he doesn’t take it personally.

He’s fun to be around and knows how to make a girl laugh

Nola has her fair share of fun with Jamie and Greer, but Mars is a more youthful, we can laugh at anything kind of fun. There’s pretty much nothing that he won’t do to make you smile–even if it makes him look retarded.

He may not have the world now, but when he does he’ll give it to you.

Mars may the dreamer that may not have it all together right now but when he gets it together he’ll make sure you’ll never want for anything. His hard work at his 5+ jobs will pay off. Don’t sleep on him.

He’ll get his hands dirty if it means protecting you.

Mars is still a little young so he doesn’t get that he can’t fight every battle. But when it means going to the depths of the Earth to protect your honor–he will without a doubt. Nobody will ever disrespect his lady on his watch.

For the girl who appreciates Urban streetwear, his fits are always on point

He may be a little extra but his gear is A1 if we can be completely honest.Specifically his kick game.

He doesn’t sweat the competition

Though he doesn’t pass on the chance to remind Nola how “wack” he thinks her other love interests are. His disses to the other men in Nola’s life are just reassurance that he is confident enough in himself to not be worried about any other man trying to get in between him and his Darling. He’s young, so he still has that you can’t tell me sh*t mentality.

There are probably a million other reasons why I  we love Mars.

So who else thinks Mars is absolutely irresistible?

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