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Love & Hip Hop Stars That Actually Made Musical Hits Instead of Drama

by Mika

We often see Love &  Hip Hop Cast members making music that we never hear. The studios on the show act as safe havens for sexcapades or fighting over who’s making music with who. However, there were a good handful of stars that actually made hits that were dope. Some of which could have been promoted a tad bit better…but whatever.


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Amina Buddafly “I Don’t Wanna Be Right” (the version WITHOUT Petah)

Yes. The drama filled story lined that inspired this song is tragic however Amina is crazy talented and I still bump this is 2017. Thank you “Pee-tah” and “Tara and The Boys” for inspiring this hit.

Oliva “December” and “Walk Away”

Since her Bizounce days, Olivia sadly has been underrated as it pertains to her musical talent. She dropped not 1 but 2 pretty dope songs during her Love and Hip Hop tenure that were short lived but so damn good. I’m rooting for you still  Liv!

Kaleena and Rasheeda “Love LockDown”

When I heard the snippet on the show I thought this could be popping but I wasn’t sure. After hearing the full version, I did see that Kaleena’s vocals and Rasheeda’s southern boss bitch flare did mesh to make magic.

Omarion “Post To Be”

If I’m not mistaking this released somewhere in between the first season for Love & Hip Hop Hollywood. I don’t recall much promotion of this song on the show but Omarion new people were intrigued by him being in the public eye again and used it to put a hit that stayed on the airwaves for a minute.

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Teairra Marie  “Deserve”


While I cringed watching Teairra perform this as her then love interest watched (the song was low key about him) I couldn’t deny it was POPPING. If I had one wish, Teairra would have better promoted this song and made us feel good by blessing us with some more of her music. Baby girl has vocals.

Tammi Rivera “All These Kisses”

Live footage of me listening to All of These Kisses for the first time.

I don’t know how I missed Tammi could sing in the first place. I just knew her for being pretty, into fashion and of course in a relationship with Waka Flocka. This song is beautiful, her voice is beautiful, Tammi is just a beautiful individual.

Lyrica Anderson “Feenin” 

So ‘technically this may have come out before she was on LHHH. However, the show is what brought me to Lyrica’s Youtube channel to listen to her work. She has great vocals and so does her mom, who apparently does a lot of her background vocals.

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K Michelle “V.S.O.P.”

K. Michelle performed this on the reunion of LHHATL while some of her fellow cast members fake enjoyed but us at home loved the hell out of it. She took us to church with this one and kept the momentum going.

Remy Ma “All The Way Up


Remy pretty much stays out of drama which probably has something to do with getting back on her music grind and being on probation. “All The Way Up” dropped and took off after Remy joined the LHHNY cast and it still bumps.

Yung Berg “Want Some More” feat. Jeremih–The PinkPrint

“Want Some More” in my humble opinion is the best track off The Pinkprint. I was taken aback to know that Yung Berg has a producer credit on the track along with Zaytoven and Metroboomin. Kudos to you Berg.

Cardi B- “Bodak Yellow” 

SAY LIL BI… Okay, I’ll relax but “Bodak Yellow” gets me way too hype. Cardi B quit LHHN to pursue her music and she is slaying. When I first heard “Lick” off her mixtape GBMV2, I was like…

Then Bodak Yellow dropped and I’m like…

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What’s your favorite track dropped from the Love & Hip Hop cast members?

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