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Life Update: Bad At Blogging, Pescatarianism & The Subtle Art of Not Giving A F*ck


I’ll be the first person to admit that as of mid-February I have not given my blog the love and affection that it needs. One of my biggest faults as a human being is that I sometimes let things that occur in specific areas of my life affect the others tremendously–it’s actually the reason why I gave up eating meat in the beginning of January. You can read about it here.

Unlike some bloggers out there, I don’t have the luxury (right now) of focusing on my blog 100% and not having to have steady work offline to help me pay my bills. No I’m not making excuse as to why my blog has been desert land. I often get so stressed with work life that I let it spill over into my blog and other things that I do that genuinely fulfill me and make me happy. Yes I realize this is probably a self-destructive habit and that’s why I’m here trying to get my own sh*t together.

Good Read

During my half ass hiatus, I began reading The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F*ck by Mark Manson. I haven’t finished it just yet but the overall message (from what I understand) is how you can change your destructive behaviors (i.e. ones like giving a f*ck so much about things that you f*ck up other areas of you life) to help you live life happily, unapologetically and simply not giving af about anything that will come between it.

Learn something new-ish

I’ve become obsessed with learning how to drive as well.  Yeah, it’s kind of late considering I’m almost a quart of a century old–however better “late” than never. I’ve had my permit for ever so it was about time I took driving seriously. My road test is scheduled for April 24th by the way.

 Health = Wealth

Summer/forever body coming soon

Other than that, I’ve been really trying to change my health habits. After I challenged myself to eliminate meat from my diet I been using the process of elimination to kick some of my bad habits:

  • Minimzing my alcohol intake
  • Eating more veggies//less fruit
  • Drinking my water (at least 100oz a day to be exactly).
  • Replacing coffee with tea (it pains me but coffee without hella sugar and cream just ain’t right)
  • Going to the gym 4-5 days a week (at least for an hour–I’m trying to be snatched come summer)


This post is honestly just to show you guys that I’m alive and well. Just been “working on me” (I hate saying that) and trying to reroute my journey and various areas. However enough is enough so be on the lookout for new content from yours truly soon. K?

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