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Everything That You Need To Know About Laser Hair Removal

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Summer time is right around the corner, so you know what that means. Short shorts, sun dresses and skin exposed where the sun hasn’t quite shined in months. Like most people I absolutely loathe shaving regularly and the grow back process with the awkward “stubble coming in” dance even more. My first waxing appointment ended before it even started thanks to a few Youtube videos that I watched beforehand that scared the crap out of me.

For the last year or so, I’ve resorted to hair removal creams but even that is starting to get a little old. I dream of one day not having to think about if I have unwanted hair somewhere before throwing on my favorite sleeveless summer dress or heading to the beach without looking like “big foot. Summertime is all about making moves and shaving is one thing I plan on shedding (no pun intended) off of my to-do list.

I’m considering laser hair removal as the answer to my unwanted hair problems. As with anything, I never go into anything without knowing the full details.  Here’s some of the I, and anyone else who is considering going under the laser, needs to know.

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The Biggest Benefits of Laser Hair Removal

The main benefit of laser hair removal is that it targets the entire hair, including the part that grows below the surface of your skin. Body hairs grow a lot like certain plants. Each one has a root, known as a follicle. The hairs can’t grow when the follicles are damaged. The problem is that the most common hair removal technique, shaving, doesn’t remove anything except the part of the hair that you can see with your eyes. Since the rest is still lurking just below the surface, it can start to grow back visibly in just a day or two. Since lasers target down to the follicles, they can prevent hairs from growing back for much longer periods of time.

A secondary benefit of hair removal devices that are laser powered is that they are very accurate. They can attack every single hair in a certain section of skin. If you shave the hairs on your own at home, it’s possible to miss some, leaving a patchy shaving job and a potentially embarrassing situation.


Taking Necessary Laser Hair Removal Precautions

Even though it might sound like the best option in the hair removal world, you may not want to have a laser treatment depending on your skin type. Some lasers can burn oily skin or alter the coloration (pigment) of darker colored skin. That’s why you should always take the necessary precautions of talking to a professional, asking questions, and getting to know your own skin before making a laser appointment.

How Many Laser Treatments You Will Need

There is no magic number of laser hair removal sessions that every single person should have. However, most hair removal treatments involve multiple appointments, at least at first. Once you finish the first set of appointments, it will be up to you if or when you come back for more.

You might be wondering why you would need to come back for more at all if the treatments destroy the hair follicles, but they won’t all be totally destroyed. Some will only be damaged and delay the growth process. So, eventually, some hairs are bound to return.

How to Deal with the Hair Regrowth

The good news is that the hair that does grow back should take a long time to come back compared to the time it would take after shaving or waxing. So, clinical hair removal can save you time. Not only that but the hair that returns should be a lighter color and much thinner. At that point, it might be more practical for you to manage the regrowth at home, but you do always have the option of having more laser treatments whenever you want or need to as long as your skin type makes you a good candidate for the process.

I think I see laser hair removal in my future. Bye buh unwanted hair and hello silky smooth skin 🙂

If you have any stories about laser hair removal, feel free to share them with me!


kylewayne182 May 31, 2016 - 11:13 pm

Thanks for sharing all of this helpful information about hair removal. My wife is considering laser hair removal and I told her I would research this option. The point that you made about how predictably accurate this form can be at getting rid of unwanted hairs really put my mind at ease. I will be sure to share this information with my wife so that she can make an informed decision! http://floridawomenscenter.com/laser-hair-removal/

limogesbeauty June 11, 2018 - 7:16 am

Laser hair removal is one of the effective techniques for permanent hair removal and it is better than many of temporary techniques like shaving etc. Thank you for sharing the info.

Taylor Bishop January 22, 2019 - 9:08 am

Thank you for explaining laser hair removal. I have no idea that this hair removal procedure would need multiple appointments. I’m interested to learn if the number of appointments would be affected by how quickly your hair grows or how thick it is.


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