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Catcalling: NYC Streets

Catcalling: NYC Streets

Clearly that was sarcasm…

Many of you may have already seen the video of the woman being catcalled while walking the streets of NYC (100+ times!) which recently went viral over the last couple of days. As a female who grew up in New York City, let me just say, GIRLLLLL I feel you! For the most part I would say that the video does show how annoying it is for women walking down city streets to be catcalled by men, who usually are pretty gross looking in my opinion. Some may contribute catcalling to the fact that some women dress too “provocative”. Umm sure. But in most cases men will try to hit on anything that is slightly female that has a heartbeat. There is a very fine line between flattering someone and being right out disrespectful. As a teenager I had some very displeasing experiences walking down the street, most of the time in my very “provocative” school uniform.

The one thing that I feel the video failed to show, from personal experience, is how disrespectful some men can be when you avoid their catcall.

Here’s A Few Things I’ve Been Told/Called or have done to me while being catcalled in the City:

1, My hair pulled.

2. Told “you ain’t all that anyways!” (Classic, oh so you only hit on ugly girl’s. That’s so nice of you!)

3. Been called a b*tch on several occasions.

4. Been grabbed.

5. Been followed for many blocks to the point where I have to text someone to meet me nearby to scare the weirdo off.

6. Had something thrown in my direction. (if it would have hit me I would hate to see how that encounter would have ended).

7. Been followed from the streets to my job and cursed out by a homeless man who was bitter at the fact that I wouldn’t give him the time of day. Sorry?

Keep in mind these are things that have happened to me before I even hit 18. It just really made me think that most men are creeps and have nothing else better to do with their lives. I rarely get angry at the men who do it, I just laugh most of time at how pathetic it is. But that’s just my opinion.



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