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Hottest Tracks From ‘Lemonade’ by Beyoncé


Less than 2 weeks in, Beyoncé’s Lemonade has easily become on of the most infectious (in a good way) albums to drop thus far in 2016. Each track is a different flavor of Lemonade, making the best out of any situation that life throws you’s and turning it into Lemonade.

This album isn’t the “Single Ladies” or even the “Drunk In Love” Beyoncé that we’ve been used to. On Lemonade, we get well acquainted with Beyoncé in a way that shows her growth as an artist, and her vulnerability and imperfections as a human. There’s a track on this album for everybody to enjoy and sip some Lemonade together.

Here are some of my personal fav tracks on Lemonade which I may add any sane person is absolutely addicted to. “Formation”, is not included in this list for obvious reasons and I was already close to putting almost every track on this list which would defeat the purpose.

Freedom (Featuring Kendrick Lamar)

beyonce-freedom lemonade

. Who other than Kendrick Lamar can you imagine on such a powerful track enriched with feelings of revolution and progression. It’s a modern day fight song so to speak.

6 Inchbeyonce 6 inch lemonade

The interesting opening and the intriguing way that Beyoncé says “6 inch heels” in a sultry low octave gets you from the beginning. This is the official “I’m that b***h” anthem for 2016. While I personally wont be throwing on anybody’s 6-inch heels, I’ll definitely be walking in the club, the office, meeting and everywhere else my presence needs to be felt like it’s nobody’s business.

Daddy Lessons

daddy-lessons lemonade

On a regular-day, country music  absolutely makes my ears bleed (no offense to anyone who enjoys it) but this rendition of it coming from Beyoncé makes it so much more bearable. This song is 360 from her song “Daddy” on her debut album as a solo artist, Dangerously In Love, where Beyoncé sings about finding the man of her dreams who does no wrong and is almost as perfect as her father. “Daddy Lessons” , assuming it is indeed about her father Matthew Knowles, it shows a different side of their relationship, showing lessons that she learned from her more relatable imperfect dad.

And may I add, instead of calling it “Daddy Issues” as most of us would like to refer to the situation, naming it “Daddy Lessons” shows you exactly how one makes Lemonade out of lemons.

Sorrybeyonce sorry lemonade

This is the one track that I loved from the very beginning. This is definitely one of those songs that you play when you’re with your girls, off a couple of drinks not thinking about your ain’t s**t man that you’re in the process of leaving in the past. While one may think it’s petty to hold “grudges” against someone that you once held near and dear to your heart, I feel l being a tad bit petty sometimes is absolutely necessary  to speed up the healing process.  Sorry, not sorry. Boy BYE!

The most memorable part of the song is easily Beyoncé calling out this mysterious “Becky with the good hair” but honestly that can be any man who has been tainted with the wanting an “exotic” woman plague. May we get an AMEN.

P.S. I can absolutely see Nicki Minaj being on a remix of this track.  Can we get another pair up?

Love Droughtlove-drought lemonade

Besides the sexy beat that Bey is singing over, this song perfectly projects how it feels to be going through trying times in a relationship. When your relationship is holding on by loose thread because of actions of both parties, these are these are the many thoughts that may be floating through your head. While many tracks on the album may make you want to go through your man’s phone and hack his computer, this one may make you want to call him and work things out for the better and move mountains. The only way to go is up.

Don’t Hurt Yourself02-beyonce-lemonade-beauty

This track definitely has a Pop-Rock vibe and I’m all for it. This is for every dude out there that think he can go the woman in his life dirt like she isn’t an essential part of his life. When you have a good woman in your life, she sure to leave a mark that you can’t erase, so do yourself a favor and don’t hurt yourself by doing her dirty.

Hold Upbeyonce hold up lemonade

According to Beyonce, she’ll take the latter. What woman hasn’t contemplated doing something crazy because of her guy doing something outright stupid and downright disrespectful. With this one, I wasn’t sure if I wanted to bust a whine to the carib influenced beat or smash my exes imaginary car windows.

Yes, even Beyoncé is allowed to have to man issues. And may I add, only she could sing a Soulja Boy lyric and make it sound so angelic. “I hopped up out of bed and turned my swag on, took a look in the mirror said wassup. Wassup Wassup Wassup”

“[Tweet When black women are given lemons, they make Lemonade]” and Beyoncé provided the theme music for it. While this list could have easily been all 12 tracks off of Lemonade, it’s safe to say that these are the tracks that everyone is going crazy over.


What tracks from Lemonade are on your hottest list?

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onceuponablog2015 May 11, 2016 - 3:41 pm

Great post, you’ve actually encouraged me to listen to again, and give another try. Like most people I had it playing as soon as it was dropped but I didn’t love it. However I’ll definitely give it another listen – xxx

Mika May 12, 2016 - 12:40 pm

Please do! But warning, you may not stop listening to it for at least a week straight 🙂

onceuponablog2015 May 12, 2016 - 1:41 pm

Oh that’s never bothered me before. When I’m into an album I listen to t for at least a month! X


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