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#GrindingGirl: How To Start A Successful Youtube Channel As A Side Hustle—Esther Lauren


For those of us who can remember the days when you could stay up on Youtube all night long and watch a whole bunch of videos (without commercials), then you know the the YouTube game has changed tremendously even in just the past 3 years. With that change came everyone and their mama trying to be the newest breakout Youtube star in their niche of choice. As someone who has tried their hand at vlogging and quickly learned all the hard work that it takes to shoot, edit and promote a video that you can be proud, I have the utmost respect for those who are able to do it and stick with it.

The #GrindingGal that I’m featuring today is one of my new favorites when it comes to the Youtube vloggisphere, lifestyle, fashion and beauty vlogger Esther Lauren. I’ve known Esther from way back when in our high school days when we both attended Brooklyn Technical High School in Brooklyn, New York. I’ve always known Esther to be a very hard working individual, so it doesn’t really come as a surprise to me that she is balancing her healthcare interests with her love for fashion and beauty. What is amazing though, it how well she has been able to do the two stimultaneaouly considering the two interests are so different and require much consistency and dedication.



I caught up with Esther to chat a bit about her thoughts on the wonderful world of Youtube and her journey thus far.

ATBM: What did you always of doing career wise as a child?


EL: From a young age whenever I was asked what I desired to be as an adult, I would always say either a fashion designer or a doctor. Even at the mere age of eight years old, I knew I wanted to spend my life submerged in the world of fashion, makeup and all things beauty related while simultaneously saving lives in scrubs and with the latest stethoscope around my neck. However being raised by African and Caribbean parents, the risks associated with choosing an artistic career forced them to only cater to my healthcare interests and years later I found myself well on my way to becoming a Certified Anesthetist . Even with years of taking biology, anatomy, chemistry and various other intensive science classes, the thought of solely working in a healthcare setting saddened me. I knew I knew I had a whole other side to me that deserved to be nurtured and until it was, my insides would continue to burn in discontent.

That is why I started my YouTube channel , Esther Lauren.

ATBM: How did you begin your journey to Youtube?


EL: I began my journey on YouTube with the sole purpose of filling a void. I already had a full time job that paid rather well for my current lifestyle and my future career path was pretty much set in stone. Regardless of both of those blessings, I was still unhappy. At school I was always overdressed. At home my love for fashion quickly made me a rebel in my parents’ eyes. Amongst my friends I was always the weird one . And of course, my creative mindset wasn’t exactly being put to good use at my job. I needed a place where I could be authentically me and that’s exactly what Youtube became for me.

From doing makeup reviews to discussing the insecurities I dealt with as a dark skin woman to ranting about the struggles of being single in the 21st century, YouTube has become my place of refuge. As a Youtuber I can be happily multidimensional and not simply just a “fashionista ” or “make up enthusiast” or “socially aware individual “. I can be all those things and more.

ATBM: What’s the reality of breaking into Youtube vs. what most people think it’s like, especially in the beginning?


EL: Being a Youtuber has not been as easy as I thought it would be. It requires a lot of money, time and patience. You have to be confident in your work and resist the temptation to compare yourself to others. Being that I am in school studying something completely unrelated to YouTube, I have to set aside extra time to work on my videos since the two career paths I’m working on do not overlap.


ATBM: How are you able to set time aside for these two completely different worlds?


EL: I often get asked by my friends how do I make time for both? I believe when you are truly passionate about something the sacrifices being made seem minuscule in the grand scheme of things. I’ve stayed up late, traveled far, and spent over a thousand dollars on my channel. There were times I felt like quitting especially in the beginning when I struggled to get views and subscribers. Do you know how painful it is to spend $300 and only have 100 people watch it?  It was hard to not lose motivation. YouTube was burning a whole in my pocket, my parents thought I was wasting my time and my videos weren’t doing very well.

ATBM: With your start being a little rocky, what really gave you the motivation not to give up?


EL: What kept me going were the emails, comments on my videos , and direct messages on Twitter and Instagram. Girls would contact me saying how I inspired them. Growing up I didn’t have anyone my complexion in the limelight to look up to so to have young females tell me I make them proud to be dark skin was all the fuel I needed to keep going. I’ve recently made so much progress and even got my first brand sponsorship. I have a long way to go but I’m incredibly optimistic about my journey on YouTube and in Health care. My only advice to anyone trying to do the same is as cliche as it sounds , never give up. Where there’s a will there’s a way.

While Youtube may seem like it has become very saturated over the years it is still very possible to be successful at it if you are willing to do the work.

Be sure to check out Esther Lauren’s Youtube channel and catch up with her on Twitter & Instagram 🙂

Until next time to all my #GrindingGal ‘s 🙂

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