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Girls Trip Review: A Reminder That Boys Are “Whatever” But Your Girls Are Forever


The only thing that I love more than getting together with my Girls to have a weekend of fun is watching a movie of about a group of girl friends having a shit load of fun doing the unthinkable (and sometimes the unspeakable).


Girls Trip is the story of 4 college friends who finally reunite after 5 years of traveling down separate paths. Sasha (played by Queen Latifah) is a struggling gossip blogger whose need to leak a story often causes a riff in both her professional and personal life. Lisa (played by Jada Pinkett Smith) is an uptight divorced mom of two that has trouble letting go but when she does there’s no telling what could happen. Dina (played by breakout star Tiffany Haddish) is the fun, extra and a bit crazy friend who is loyal AF and down for whatever (even if whatever is putting your man in check). Lastly, there’s Ryan (played by Regina Hall) who brings the 4 girls together for ESSENCE Fest in New Orleans while she works on having it all–or at least pretending she does.

The quartet who coined the name “Flossy Possey” have united on 1 accord but have 4 totally separate agendas. Sasha needs to find THE story of all stories to keep her blog and pretty much her life from falling to the waste side. Lisa needs to drop her sister act to get laid–BIG time. Ryan needs to keep her shit together to make appearances throughout the weekend and land a life changing deal with her retired Athlete husband that has has a problem keeping his pants above his knees. Dina just needs to not end up in jail or better yet a drunk tank.

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Girls Trip. Photo: Michele K. Short/Universal Studios

Girls Trip. Photo: Michele K. Short/Universal Studios

The movie accurately portrays a real group of grown up girl friends. They fight like sisters but will cut a bitch (and sometimes your husband) if they get out of line. They’re always down for whatever, even if it means hanging hundreds of feet in the air with a bladder full of alcohol. Their advice is unmatched and may or may not include bringing spherical fruits into the bedroom. Your girlfriends may not always agree with the decisions you make in your personal and professional life but they damn sure always have your back–and your front.  The boys come and go but when you have a strong group of girl friends—they’re forever.

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While I’m not yet fabulous black women in my 30’s slaying in my career (putting it into the universe) the movie was relatable as hell. I pray that my quartet that has been together since our Howard University days will slay this hard in our 30’s. And of course be down to f*ck sh*t up when necessary.

Girls Trip is definitely a must see! You’ll laugh, scream and sometimes cry–from laughter and from being pissed the hell off. None the less, it’s a friendly reminder that when all else fails and you have no one else to run to, your girls are always there.


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