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Future Dirty Sprite 2

Being the self proclaimed trap music connoisseur that I am, I can’t describe in words how excited I was when Future dropped DS2. I probably listen to a good handful of the tracks everyday no matter if I’m working out, in the office or taking a stroll somewhere. Future has come a long way since Pluto and any trap music lover can agree that DS2 is out of this world and puts you in a whole other zone.

I don’t endorse his excessive promotion of his robust pharmaceutical “diet” but even if your not about that life and you just want some good music to bump to, I recommend it, no I guarantee it (American Gangster Reference). Future is a problematic king that I don’t mind listening to every now and again.

My fav tracks (minus “singles”) goes as follows:

Thought It Was A Drought- Future opens up the album on a strong note with this track. Full of catchy 1 liners.

I Serve The Base

Where Ya At (Ft. Drizzy

Stick Talk– One of my fav beats on the album. When the beat drops you can’t help but to turn up.

Blow A Bag

Not top on Future DS2 but definitely a track that I play reguarly.

The Percocet and Stripper Joint

Rich $ex– Everyone loves a good trap ballad from Mr. Future Hendrix

Kno The Meaning– This song has been growing on me lately. Future tried to give us a little insight on what has been some defining some moments in career.

After DS2 Future has gotten a lot of bandwagon love, but regardless he has trap music on lock right now.

What has been you fav track on Future’s DS2?

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