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“Has anyone without perfect skin tried Fenty Skin?” I did!

by Mika

I may earn commission for purchases made through links in this post, however all opinions are my own—YKTV.

When I first caught wind that Rihanna snatched up the trademark for Fenty Skin I was prepared to throw my purse at her. Rihanna had already shown and proved that she could deliver what the girls want through her namesake brand Fenty Beauty—I was positive Fenty Skin wouldn’t fall short of greatness.

Before we jump into the review, here’s some background on my unperfect skin for reference.

Up until my early 20’s, I had “perfect skin”—no blemishes, no breakouts, just dreamy clear melanin. By age 25, my skin had gotten so troublesome that I finally made the executive decision to head to a dermatologist where I received a laundry-list of prescriptions to help with my acne. In the short term, it absolutely helped a ton but in the last couple of months, I’ve been looking for more sustainable means of treating acne that didn’t involve meds on meds on meds.

Adult acne before and after

At the top of 2020, I dropped my acne medications like bad habits. For a few months, my skin was doing great without acne meds but then COVID/quarantine hit, and the rest was history. What I wanted from Fenty Skin was mainly something to help balance (not strip) the oil in my skin, one of my biggest contributors to my breakouts.

My First Impressions

I think it’s safe to say that everyone’s first impression of Fenty Skin is that “iT hAs fRaGrAnCe”. While those that have extremely sensitive skin hated this feature of the Fenty Skin line, it didn’t bother me. Honestly, some of my favorite skincare products have a scent (some way stronger than Fenty Skin) and I’ve never found my skin to be sensitive to it.

Fenty Skin’s Packaging is A1—periodt.

From the refillable sunscreen to the twist and squeeze cleanser and toner bottles, it’s obvious that Rih and the rest of the Fenty gang were going for practicality with the packaging. Not to mention the lavender grayish hue of the line is quite enticing—reminds me of an out of stock Savage X Fenty Slip that I slept on.



Rating: 5 out of 5.

Price: $25
Product Claims:
“This 2-in-1 makeup remover-cleanser gives you the delicious deep clean you deserve: Its creamy lather removes dirt, oil, and long-wear makeup without stripping or drying.” from FentyBeauty.com
Barbados cherry (vitamin c),  Ginkgo Biloba (oil control and clarifying), Green tea (anti-oxidants), Fig (anti-oxidants), Quince (skin conditioning).

When I started using Fenty Skin, it just so happened that I was on the hunt for a gentle facial cleanser. I had previously been using Milk Makeup Vegan Milk and CeraVe.

I must say, the cleanser is hands down my favorite product from the line. It seems like the girls either loved or hated it but from my experience, it was just what my skin needed—a cleanser that didn’t leave my skin feeling dry af. It has an addictive thick, luxurious lather—my skin literally glows after washing my face with it. I have no choice but to stan.

FYI: I haven’t use the cleanser to remove my makeup. I stand by removing makeup with an oil cleanser or balm BEFORE using any facial wash.



Rating: 1 out of 5.

Price: $28
Product Claims: “
A 2-in-1 toner-serum combo that targets pores, improves the look of dark spots, brightens, smooths, and fights shine—all without stripping skin.” from FentyBeauty.com
Niacinamide (vitamin B3—for dark spots, evening tone and oil control), Barbados Cherry (vitamin C), Australian lemon myrtle & witch hazel water (reduce oil and refine pores),  Japanese raisin tree (detoxification), Cactus flower (hydration) and Green tea & fig (antioxidants)

After week one of using this product, I was certain that it would be my favorite. Turns out, the more I used it the more my skin hated it. Initially, this 2-in-1 serum/toner made my skin feel SUPER supple. By week 2/3, it started to cause some damage to my moisture barrier.

My skin began feeling very sensitive to this product and would sting whenever I used it and any other product for that matter. It has witch hazel which is an ingredient that everyone loves to drag but I’ve never experienced any sort of sensitivity to WH prior to using this product. Since I stopped using it, my skin has been almost normal besides my routine/hormonal acne breakouts.



Rating: 4 out of 5.

Price: $35
Product Claims: “
This 2-in-1 moisturizer and sunscreen is lightweight, oil-free, and truly invisible on all skin tones. It claps back at dehydration, discoloration, dark spots. Makeup-friendly, too: No pilling and zero flashback. Refillable.” from FentyBeauty.com.
Kalahari melon (hydrates), Niacinamide (vitamin B3—for dark spots, evening tone and oil control), Hyaluronic acid & aloe (hydrates, smoothes, conditions) and Baobab (hydrates).

When I initially started using Fenty Skin Hydra Vizor Invisible Moisturizer, it seemed to have a bit of a menthol-esque scent to it in comparison to the distinct vanilla scent of the other products. What I like most about this moisturizer besides the fact that it doesn’t leave a white cast and is refillable, is that it’s oil-free and leaves your skin with a youthful glow.

Though this moisturizer is a bit on the thicker side, it felt rather lightweight in the heat and my skin drank it up like a glass of water. I would give this 5 out of 5 stars, however, I know there are other SPF moisturizers at lower price points (and without fragrance) that work just as effectively.

P.S. There isn’t an SPF-free moisturizer in the Fenty Skin lineup (yet), so I continued using my Sunday Riley Tidal moisturizer at nighttime.

Mika’s Final Thoughts

When Fenty Skin dropped and the “beauty girls” posted their sponsored reviews, I saw a tweet that made me feel seen:

It seemed like everyone who received PR for Fenty Skin had minimal skin concerns to begin with which wouldn’t do much for someone like me who has skin issues galore. I wanted to try the line for a month or so to give the girls an unbias review from someone whose skin doesn’t shine bright like a diamond on the regular.

In my opinion, Fenty Skin gives you the basic things you need in a skincare regimen—a gentle cleanser, hydrating toner, and SPF moisturizer. The cleanser is absolutely something I’d repurchase because it’s hard for me to find a basic (gentle) yet effective cleanser. There’s still a lot of gaps to fill in such as night time moisturizer and treatments (i.e. for acne) but then again this is just the appetizers—the entree is to come soon enough.

While I don’t think Fenty Skin is for everyone, I think it’s worth a try if your skincare routine doesn’t even have the basics. After all, you have nothing to lose as Fenty allows returns up to 60 days which is more than enough time for you to test out the products.

I look forward to seeing what Rihanna cooks up next with her Fenty Skin collection. If you’ve tried Fenty Skin, share your thoughts with me below or slide in my DMs.

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Alicia Renee September 12, 2020 - 2:15 pm

This is a great and very thorough review Mika!! Definitely helps for someone on the fence like myself who doesn’t buy into hypes and likes to wait for real reviews before purchasing anything! Thank you for your insight!

Mika September 12, 2020 - 10:55 pm

Thank you so much for reading, Alicia! I’m happy to hear you found it helpful ❤️


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