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Is Fenty Beauty Sparking A Much Needed Conversation In The Beauty Industry?


Rihanna x Fenty Beauty may be on to something here.

The Fenty Beauty team kept the line top secret until days before its launch in Sephora on September 8th. Promotional videos boasted of Fenty Beauty’s mission to strive for inclusivity amongst women of all shades. Rihanna also spoke about how important it was for her to make sure all women were included in this launch. The first installment (of many hopefully) includes 40 shades of foundation, virtually a color for everyone.  That’s almost unheard of in a first time around launch for a brand.

I recently went to Sephora (again) to find my foundation shade to no avail. I was a tad bit disappointed but later happy when I understood why. Sephora stores are having a bit of trouble keeping up with the demand for the darker shades in the FB range. However, this raises an even more important point. When makeup brands make makeup shades for women of color, they buy!


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Women of color (specifically darker skinned women) don’t purchase makeup nearly as often as their fairer skinned counterparts do .- The Beauty Industry

This has been the lie myth that makeup brands have been trying to feed to us for decades. Even with economic stats proving otherwise, big beauty brands have taken it upon themselves to exclude women of color from their shades ranges due to “a lack of demand” .

The rise of social media influence in the beauty industry has debunked and turned this myth on its rearend. It’s a proven fact that women of color spend 70% more on beauty than any other race. However, options available to us have been very limited. Many prominent figures in the makeup world have called brands out on these false accusations, pleading with brands to get their stuff together.


it's my birthday!!! finally the big 3-0 is here and I can't think of a better day to announce the biggest project of my career to date. I've been keeping a little secret for the past few months 🙈 but it's FINALLY time to announce that this year I will be working with one of my favorite brands @toofaced to help expand their Born This Way foundation line and create darker AND deeper shades for all of you 💖 I'm so glad that all of the awareness we've created about INCLUSIVENESS is finally being heard and I get to curate these new shades from the FORMULA all the way to the shade names that will be available to all of you in the near future!!! This is literally one of my dreams! And it couldn't have happened without all of you ❤️ This is what happens when you stand your ground and believe in your message and keep your supporters number one at all costs. I'm so happy that Jerrod and Too Faced trust me with this initiative. best birthday EVAAAA 🙌🏾 time to CELEBRATE

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Recently, beauty guru and my personal favorite Jackie Aina announced that she would be working with Too Faced to extend the shade range in their Born This Way foundation line. This particular brand and product has gained popularity via social media but has been often called out for lack of inclusivity.


Youtuber, Nyma Tang, often puts various brands shade ranges to the test on her channel. Nyma  knows how it feels to be shut out by a brand based on her complexion. She wishes to change and address these issues through her platform.

In less than a week, Fenty Beauty has pretty much silently called out all the brands that don’t see the value in creating cosmetics for deeper skin women. At this point, I’m not sure what else would need to happen in order for the beauty industry to answer this wakeup call.

With the success of the Fenty beauty launch, do you think big beauty brands will finally get the memo? 

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