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I Threaded My Brows For The First Time: Here’s How It Went


I probably didn’t realize that eyebrow threading existed until maybe a year or 2 ago.  However, for a long time, I kept getting my brows waxed because of how painful I was told the threading experience was.

My skin has become more and more irritated over the years by wax so as of recent I’ve only waxed my brows every 3-4 months or so. I decided to thread my brows this time around for a few reasons.

  1. I needed a maintenance method that was easier on my skin
  2. I was sick of having to fill and conceal my brows in order to look human
  3. I’ll try anything once because…beauty obsessed

How to find a place to go?

Disclaimer: I’m no snob when it comes to brow maintenance.  A $5 eyebrow wax has never steered me wrong.

One day I stumbled upon Perfect Brows while running some errands Downtown Brooklyn. I was intrigued because the threading salon was so bright and clean. Also, they have aestheticians that specialize specifically in the threading hair removal method.





eyebrow threading

Take other people’s experience with a grain of salt.

I apparently have a very high pain tolerance because it didn’t really hurt for me. It was uncomfortable and a tad bit weird but not painful what so ever. My eyes didn’t even tear which is supposed to as a natural reaction from brow threading.

Brow Shape

eyebrow threading

Before the threading

I’ve had some REALLY good brow waxes, FYI. I would say my brows look a tad more precise than they do when I wax them.

How did my skin react?

10 times better than wax. I get red itchy bumps on my forehead and around my brows when I wax them; this irritation can last for days. I read that with brow threading you should expect redness for 2 hours or so after but that didn’t happen to me at all.

Do avoid putting anything on your eyebrows or touching them a for a few hours after getting them done. Just to be on the safe side.

Would I get it done again?

eyebrow threading

After… (same day, no product)

Hell to the yes yes yes. My brows have a cleaner shape with brow threading than with waxing hands down.

There was no irritation after and brow threading removes hair from the surface without ripping it from the root (good to know if you already have thinning brows or just wish not to).


I hope this helps if you’re thinking about getting your brows threaded. Let me know how it works out for you!



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