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The Art Of Drinking Water and Minding Your Business


This is a mantra that I’ve lived by for a while now but no matter how often I seen it thrown around on social media, some people still just don’t get it. Or should I say choose to avoid the importance of it. Well let me break it down for you.

The first half of this statement is very simple. Drink water. Drinking water is something that is a necessity for us to survive.  It’s uncontested, unless you’re one of THOSE people who feel the need to rebut almost everything. Drink your water, stay hydrated.

The second half , “mind your business” is where the difficulty lies. Don’t quote me on this, but it seems as if humans are naturally wired to be “curious” (for the lack of a better word) and also mind everything else including business that isn’t ours. That’s why Eve bit the apple (yeah, the sneaky snake may have helped but you should get where I’m going here). That’s why 1st world countries go out to “help” 3 world countries and end up making a complete mess. That’s also why things like social media are never going anywhere. We always want to be in the know about other peoples dealings and add our little 2cents.

There isn’t a big problem with being in the know; that’s not the issue. The issue is when you feel the need to comment about what everyone else is doing and send out negative vibes. Or worst, when you allow peoples thoughts to effect you in any way, shape or form. To drink water and mind your business is more than just staying out of peoples dealings; it’s also keeping others out of your’s. We’re always naturally going to have an opinion about what other people are doing but try to keep your unsolicited testimony’s to a minimum.

People throw out the word opinion too loosely. Next time when throwing your opinion into someone elses business, no you dont have to be a yes man, but just make sure it’s coming from a loving place. POSITIVE VIBES ONLY…Drink water & mind your business today

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