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Do’s and Don’ts For Your Office Holiday Party


“Last year at my company’s holiday party, I got so f*cked up that I passed out and ended up in the hospital. I put my two weeks notice in shortly after that.”

“My manager screwed one of the employees in the bathroom at our Christmas outing. “

“I can’t even remember my holiday party to be completely honest but I knew I probably did too much because the next day at work everyone was giving me the side eye like I twerked on the bar or something. Did I?”

holiday party do's and don'ts

These are just a few accounts of what some people shared with me about what went totally wrong at their last holiday party.

Company Holiday Parties can be EXTREMELY exciting, especially if you’re fairly new to your company and just started making some work frans (friends). It’s the one time (minimum) of the year that everyone lets their hair down, even snot-nosed Susy from accounting.

There’s (hopefully) good food, an open bar and lots of good conversation. Though some of the veterans of the company may decide to get REALLY messed up and do things that they should be embarrassed about (but probably aren’t), you being the new kid on the block don’t quite have that kind of clout yet lol. Here’s a few things to keep in mind during this year’s office holiday party, especially if it’s your first.

Do socialize and talk about things other than work

Don’t get into super duper personal conversation that you may regretoffice holiday party do's and don'ts


You don’t need to be standoffish but do you really have to mouth off about some situation that pissed you off at work 3 months ago or talk about the fight that you’re currently having with your boyfriend. Ummm,  nah.


Do enjoy the free food and open bar

Don’t go overboard

holiday party do's and don'ts

Anyone who knows me knows that I love food and drinks and I love it even more when I can get it for the free. However, getting too stuffed or too drunk is NEVER  a good look. PSA: THIS IS STILL A WORK FUNCTION MY DEAR.

Do say hello to upper management, your supervisor and other “big wigs”

Don’t be obnoxious or too friendly

Saying hello to those who you may shy away from on a normal day is absolutely acceptable. The tension goes out the window and a quick hello may make an impression, you never know. What you don’t want to do is get TOO friendly, like giving inappropriate complements or telling your supervisor to “TURN UP!”.  I think we already know the deal.

P.S. saying “hello” to the organizer and committee members would be a GREAT idea

Do look cute

Don’t dress for a runway show or the club

holiday party do's and don'ts

I love a cute holiday party outfit; a winter white dress or deep red jumper can really make a statement. Dressing a step or two up from what you would wear normally to work is cool but still keep it classy. You don’t have to wear a formal gown but you also don’t want to throw on your freakum dress or sex ’em heels.


Do actually go

Don’t show up too late or early

holiday party do's and don'ts

Unless you plan on helping set up, there’s no reason for you to show up 30 minutes before the party even starts. In the same token, you don’t want to show up  30 minutes before the party ends and make it obvious you only showed up to show your face.

Overall, there’s no need to stress over the holiday party. Stay on your best behavior but have a lit time on your jobs dime 🙂

What tips do you have for office holiday party goers?

Comment, why don't cha? ⚡️

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