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To The Dreamer “Stuck” At Their 9-5 Because It Pays The Bills


I thought when I quit that 9-5 that I hated I’d be well on my way to living the life of my dreams, completely working for myself on my own terms. That wasn’t exactly the case. Instead, I learned rather quickly how difficult it can be working for yourself.  It’s nothing like going to a 9-5 where you clock in and out of work. There is no clock, no calling out. You are every department–finance, payroll, marketing etc. You are doing everything and in the beginning probably not gaining much monetarily from it. In the 2 months that I took off from working fulltime, I learned how disciplined one must be to work for themselves and also that having a 9-5 when you have entrepreneurial dreams is not as bad as “those people” make it seem.

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Influential people and just people, in general, have now begun placing these unreal ideals on the 9-5 vs. entrepreneur lives. According to “those people” 9-5’s are bad and for people who don’t have the gusto to pursue their own endeavors. That couldn’t be any further for the truth. After “failing” at being in business for myself I have drawn the following conclusions to share with you and “those people” that try to tell you quitting your 9-5 is a piece of cake.

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Love Dreams don’t pay the bills but a 9-5 most definitely will


Building a business from the ground up is enough without the added stress of not being able to pay your bills, feed your family and cover necessities. If you could avoid these struggles by taking on odd jobs or staying at your 9-5 while working towards your business/side income, do it. There’s nothing wrong with that.

Your 9-5 is one of the best ways to fund your dreams

If you haven’t realized, starting a business whether your selling products or just freelancing from home takes money. If your 9-5 is able to provide you with the necessary funds to push your dreams forward don’t listen to “those people” that give 9-5’s a bad rep.

Not quitting your 9-5 right now to pursue your dreams doesn’t your mean dream  job/business/life will be unavailable to you

Things do not happen when you want them to. You ‘re intelligent enough to know when it is time for YOU to make certain moves in regards to your career. Don’t let people peer pressure you into thinking you should take a path other than the one that designed for you.

Fulltime entrepreneurship is not for everybody and that is okay

Point blank period. Maybe you’ll get there eventually, but for starters just get your feet wet.

There is not just one formula to transition to being your own boss.

Everything ain’t for everybody. Trust that your own path exists and don’t be gung-ho on emulating someone else.


I’m thankful that since the time of me quitting the 9-5 that I hated I was able to find a job I can tolerate (on a part-time basis) while still pursuing my dreams of being a content creator. I’m slowly pushing toward being completely on my own and I know with persistence and perseverance I will get there. Until then, slow and steady always wins the race.

What are your thoughts on keeping (or ditching your 9-5) when you have entrepreneurial dreams?

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