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DIY Sugar & Honey Lip Scrub For Dry & Chapped Lips


Between the bi-polar weather and my obsession with super matte finish lipsticks, my lips are always screaming for some TLC .

I spend a lot of time reading reviews and watching Youtube videos about the best lip scrubs on the market, only to realize that it was quite possible (and maybe fun) to make one on my own. With this revelation, I decided to make my own scrub because quite frankly, DIY projects are one of my favorite pastimes.

If you are looking to make a nice at home lip treatment too, here’s what you’re going to need:

– Granulated Sugar (White or Brown)

– Honey

-Lime Juice

– Oil (I opted for coconut and rosehip oil)

– Vaseline (optional; I used the Cocoa Butter Vaseline to thicken my base)

– A Container with a twist top (to store the lip scrub)

– A Mixing Bowl and Spoon

Step 1 Gather your ingredientssugar diy lip scrub

coconut oil diy lip scrub

White sugar is typically more abrasive than brown sugar. Salt is going to be too coarse for your lips; the skin on the lips is pretty thin and can react badly to very coarse grains.

For your oil, you want something that promotes moisture such as coconut oil. I’m also using Vaseline to make my lip scrub a bit thicker (my personal preference is for it not to be runny).

Step 2 MIX

diy lip scrub

Place all of your ingredients in a mixing bowl. Since the scrub is just for your lips, you don’t need to make a big batch. Using a cup or even a shot glass to mix the scrub would do just fine.

In regards to measurement, the recommended ratio is 2-to-1 (sugar) to (oil + anything else that you’re adding to your scrub). It shouldn’t feel like just oil with a dash of sugar or vice versa.

Make it the consistency of a paste for results.

Step 3 Mix Mix Mix

diy lip scrub

…until it looks like the sugar is fully mixed into the oil.

Step 4 Put it away!

Store your scrub in a small container (something that you can take on the go if necessary). I found a travel cosmetic container set at Target however you can use anything that’s small empty and clean.

Step 5 SCRUB

Now it’s time to put your scrub to work. Massage the scrub over lips (without any lipstick, gloss etc. on) for about 30 seconds.

Let the scrub sit on your lips for 1-2 minutes to soak up some of the moisture from the oil.

Then, tissue off the scrub or wipe away with a warm damp cloth.

Step 6  Moisturize & Pucker Up

diy lip scrub vaseline lip therapy lip balm

Additionally,  use a hydrating lip balm for best results.

My current lip balm of choice is Vaseline Lip Therapy- Rosy Lips. I typically go for the Advance Healing Lip Therapy (tube) but this one is super cute, smells AMAZING and has a very slight tint and shine that I love. Let’s not ignore how super cute the limited edition Summer tin is.

Make sure you’re using a moisturizing lip balm such as the Vaseline Lip Therapy to lock in moisture on your lips after scrubbing away the dead skin.

My Results

I am super addicted to super matte finish lipsticks. There have been times when I would wear a really matte lipstick and it would dry out my lips so badly that they would peel and burn because of the dryness.

The main change that I’ve noticed from using this scrub is that I can basically wear matte lipsticks without my lips feeling like they’re going to shatter into little pieces if I laugh too hard.

I use this scrub before I apply my lip balm and primer, liner and lipstick. I haven’t had a problem wearing matte lipsticks since!

Do have any of your own recipes for lip scrub? Please share them with me below.


Disclaimer: The Vaseline Lip Therapy Summer Limited Edition lip balm was sent to me complimentary to try, however, all opinions are my own and I honestly think it is a product that you’d enjoy. 

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