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3 DIY Halloween Costumes That You Can Actually Wear Again


Ever since I could remember, Halloween has always been a favorite “holiday” of mine. I was always told that I was a character so it’s no surprise that dressing up for Halloween would be something that I enjoy  wholeheartedly. Plenty of candy, halloween makeup and a chance to live vicariously through whoever I feel like channeling are just some of my favorite things about Halloween. The downside? Paying for Halloween costumes that I will never wear again.

I haven’t dressed up for Halloween in a couple of years now but I am no stranger to creating DIY Halloween costumes. Ever since the fourth grade when I threw on a pink wig and called myself Lil Kim, I knew that DIY Halloween costumes were the most logical and guilt-free way to dress up for Halloween.

If you’re like me and rather not spend money on things that you’ll only wear/ use once, here are 3 DIY Halloween costumes that are super cute and will cost little to nothing to put together.


Lioness/Queen of The Jungle

I am a LEO so naturally a Lion is something that I’ve always wanted to be or at least dress up as. This DIY Halloween costume in a nutshell requires BIG hair (whether a wig or your own) simple makeup (gold shadow, white liner and some Lion features) and a catsuit/unitard. Technically Lion’s aren’t black but you can’t go wrong with black.


Eye Shadow:  Juvia’s Place Warrior Palette

Black Paint/Face Makeup: Pretty Vulgar The Ink  Gel Liner (I received this in a BOXYCHARM box; deets on that here)

Hair: Custom Wig made with iSeeHair Mongolian Kinky Curly

Unitard: From PrettyLittleThing  (Ashanti Unitard in Size 12 here)

Sequined Jacket: PrettyLittleThing  (Plus Black Sequin Fringe Jacket Size 12 Here)

Bonus: Youtube tutorial to follow


Dressing up as a mermaid for Halloween is the perfect excuse to play with glitter, color and lots of sequins. The main things that you need are a cool colored wig  (“wet’ look preferred), a sparkly sequined top/bodysuit, and colorful makeup. Don’t forget the fishnet to help you create your mermaid scales.


Face Makeup: Laura Lee Party Animal (For Scales) Alamar Cosmetics (both received this in a BOXYCHARM box)

Eye Glitter: PrettyLittleThing (The Gypsy Shrine Mermaid Glitter here)

Bodysuit: PrettyLittleThing (Lindie Blue Sequin Lace Up  Side Thong Bodysuit here)

Hair: YWigs; Custom color by me

Bonus: Youtube tutorial to follow



diy halloween costume prettylittlething

My ultimate favorite! Bring glam to the darkside by turning yourself into an irresistible glamorous vampire. This DIY vampire costume mainly requires super smoky makeup, fake blood and a sexy bralet for a sexy glamorous twist. FYI: The smokier the eye…the better.


Eye Shadow: Morphe 3502 Palette

Lips: Pretty Vulgar The Ink Gel Liner + LA Colors High Shine Lip Gloss in shade “Savage”

Nails: Sally Hansen Insta-Dry in shade “Go Garnet”

Hair: Vanessa  Smart “Amina” Wig from Amazon (2 years old)

Fake Blood: Mehron Fake Blood Spray From Amazon

Bralet: PrettyLittleThing(  Black Lace Harness Bralet Size 12here)

Bonus: Youtube tutorial to follow



Which one of these DIY Halloween costumes would you try for yourself?

Drop me some suggestions for other DIY Halloween costumes to try. I’m ready to slay the rest of October.

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