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Cardi B’s Secrets To “Finesse” and Building A Successful Personal Brand


Long before gracing us with the Summer ’17 hit Bodak Yellow, I sensed Cardi B was a force to be reckoned with. As an avid viewer of Love and Hip Hop New York (and other cities), I must say more people should learn from Cardi B how to use a platform CORRECTLY to benefit your career and personal brand. Not only has Cardi B turned herself into a household name with a following of more than 81 Million followers, Cardi has proved to everyone with a dream how much your life can change in a New York Minute. Or at least in a year.


Since its release in Mid June, Bodak Yellow has claimed over 660 million views on Youtube and countless streams. In fact, every single song on Cardi B’s debut album went gold at the very least. Whether you want to acknowledge it or not, Cardi B is one of the few stars of the Love and Hip Hop franchise to catch a graceful come-up from the Monday night ratchet-ness. Instead of letting the drama consume her, she used Love and Hip Hop to show off her personality. Let’s not get it confused Cardi does have her fair share of turning up (cough NYFW) but her focus is always the shmoney.

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Casted as a self-proclaimed ex stripper hoe” and IG comedian with musical ambitions, Cardi’s presence on LHHNY was short lived. After only two seasons, Cardi B decided to leave the show to pursue her music. She is now reaping all the benefits and has the “shmoney”,  musical catalog, brand deals and fan base to show for it. While those who fell in love with her snarky down to earth personality on the show surely miss her, we know her departure was for the best.

It seems as if most love and hip hop cast members join to be messy and make complete fools of themselves for millions of people to watch. Cardi B on the other hand used the show to get in our hearts and got in and out like a bank job. Unlike some of her fellow castmates that seemed to be in the studio making unreleased music, Cardi used her platform for all it was worth.

Here are all the things that you can learn from Cardi B about using a platform to secure a bag💰

She took herself out of the box people were trying to put in

Most people probably thought Cardi B was going to be the Joseline Hernandez of the LHHNY franchise but no. Instead of allowing people’s perceptions of her to deter her from pursuing music she let it motivate her. She showed naysayers that she wasn’t just another ex-stripper with pipe dreams of being a rapper. Now she’s sitting on top as a respected rapper.

She saw an opportunity, went for it, and moved on to the next.


Cardi B could have easily stayed in the club and on Instagram (heard some good coins come from both)—but no. She used her platform as a dancer (no pun intended) to move on to IG as a comedian then Love and Hip Hop and now music, fashion etc. Build and keep your eyes on the prize. Using what you got to get what you want doesn’t only apply to physical attributes.

She didn’t get complacent and made a graceful exit when necessary


cardi b bodak yellow

Cardi B is the type of LHH star that could have easily stayed on the show for years, gained a large ass budget, and took on side gigs as she felt like doing so. Instead, Cardi B took the road less traveled to pursue making a name for herself without using a reality TV show as a crutch.

Also, you’ll still hear her shout out Mona Scott for giving her the opportunity to use Love and Hip Hop as a platform. Gratitude. “I just run and check the mail, another check from Mona Scott.”

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She acknowledges where she comes from, is proud of it, and remains humble.

She may have gotten a “bag” and fixed her teeth but she still is a proud regular degular chick from the Bronx. Her video for Bodak Yellow, filmed in Dubai, low-key pokes fun at “stripper hoe” and “Instagram model” culture. In her video for Red Bars, you see Cardi B proudly displaying Vo5 shampoo bottles. How much more realer does it get?

red barz cardi b

She stays driven by a goal bigger than herself

Cardi B knew that her making it out the hood wasn’t just for her but for her to support her family who’ve been there from the very beginning. Now that she has a growing family with baby Kulture and Offset, the hustle just got even harder.




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