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Why We Can’t Stop Sipping Beyoncé’s ‘Lemonade’


When it comes to building up anticipation for an album, Beyoncé does it effortlessly without even putting the word out and delivers. Beyoncé’s latest album Lemonade  is totally a game changer and shows a side of Beyoncé that we’ve all wanted to see for the longest time ever. This surely isn’t the Beyoncé that we were once used to. On this body of work, she’s a little bit country, a little bit Rock N’ Roll and a lotta bit empowering. We hear the rumors, ponder on what could be possibly be going on in the head of Beyoncé and inside the Carter household but we never (and probably still will never know) what is truly going on. For a long time we’ve known the art but not so much the artist. Lemonade  spills all the tea that we’ve been wanting to sip on for a while now.

As with everything else that Beyoncé does, in less than a weeks time there has been many theories derived about exactly who’s tea Beyoncé is spilling on Lemonade,  and of course who this Becky with the “good hair” is. Daddy Matthew, took to E! News  to give some insight on some of the meanings behind some of the lyrics sang on some of the tracks on Lemonade, stating that “She’s talking about you and everybody that is you, that’s who she’s talking about”. While he may be attempting to negate the claims that some of the lyrics may be directed towards himself and his infidelities in his marriage to Tina “Fabulous” Lawson, Lemonade may indeed be about all of our struggles, specifically black women.

It’s pretty hard to hate anything that comes from Beyonce, even if you’re not an active member of the loyal and semi-dangerous Beyhive but this is a work from Beyoncé that we’re obsessed for quite a few reasons.

It shows the human side of Beyoncé

Beyoncé has never been one for interviews, press or any form of putting out there. From the outside looking in, Beyonce and anyone remotely connected to Beyoncé, s**t does not stink. Earrare hummanum esta, Latin for “To error is human” and that’s exactly what we are getting out of Lemonade.

You can relate to the experiences in love and the feelings of rage

My personal belief is that music is a healing process for the artist and is meant to heal the listener. This album is so relatable on so many levels. Heartbreak, being unsure of ourselves, not feeling like we can bounce back from certain life experiences, we’ve all been there. The album is more than Beyoncé husband’s alleged infidelities or her daddy walking out on her mother; it is reassurance that you, the listener who is human much like Beyoncé can get through any and everything.

It absolutely exceeded our expectations

We knew that when the album dropped it was going to be great. After surprising us with a powerful song and visual for Formation and a killer Super Bowl performance, there was no way that Beyoncé was going to let us down now; and as per usual she did not. It is no question that Lemonade is one of Beyoncé’s best albums if not the best. It show’s her growth not only as an artist but also as a woman. 

It makes you want to walk through life like it’s nobodies business

Lemonade slowly progresses from a feeling of helplessness and hopelessness to feelings of overcoming and standing strong on your own two feet, making Lemonade out of all those lemons that life has handed you. This album is made for all of us to find the strength to get through whatever at the moment is troubling us and seems impossible to recover from. And may I note that the one album who’s cover isn’t a typical beauty shot of Beyoncé gazing into our eyes, is the first one where she truly gives us all of her…to really see her. Too deep?


While I would die for there to be 4-6 more tracks on the album, each one has been cultivated to an amazing piece of work in its own right. By now most of us know the lyrics to almost every track. Whether Lemonade is autobiographical or not is debatable but it being a wonderful, infectious piece of work is not.

I’m sure I’ll still be sipping the Beyoncé Lemonade, well throughout the summer. How are your guys feeling Bey’s 6th studio album?



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