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How To Choose A Cute And Comfortable Brunch Outfit


If there is one thing that every city girl looks forward to as soon as the weather heats up it is BRUNCHING! It’s the perfect chill activity to enjoy with your girl friends. I mean, who doesn’t enjoy good food and drinks, warm weather, nice conversation and beautiful scenery. I’ve never been much of a dress or skirt gal, but I still find ways to brunch in style. The best thing about brunching is the universal dress code of looking good and feeling good while you chug down 1 too many mimosas.

As a part of my brunching series, I’ve teamed up with FarFetch to bring you brunching in style with a casual yet chic twist to it.

Things to remember when dressing for brunch

  1. Unless it is a professional brunch, jeans are absolutely allowed. A nice pair of jeans can add an interesting look to a brunch outfit and give you a lot of comfort at the same time. (Warning, overeating while brunching may lessen the comfort). Dressing up jeans is simple with a stand out blouse. Showing a little shoulder like in this outfit set makes up for your fully covered legs. *Pro Tip: GO for the glow by dusting a little bronzer on those shoulders*
  2. Heels are (almost) a must when brunching. While, I hate wearing heels on a normal day, when at brunch I’m usually very open to it. Mainly because I’ll be sitting down most, it not all, of the time. This is the one occasion where my heels get to see the light of day.
  3. Clutches can be a bit annoying to keep up with so go for some sort of satchel or strapped bag. You’ll be grateful by the end of your brunching.
  4. Always have a pair of shades. Hater blockers are a must. You’ll be glad you brought them especially if your at a rooftop brunch with the sun glaring in your eyes.
  5. A pop of color on the lips is always a must, and not just for taking cute snapchat photo’s with your lipstick stain on the glass. It’s just the right thing to do. Best that face to the GAWDS honey.
  6. Dress on your own accord. It’s just as simple as that 🙂 Don’t even worry about what others are wearing as long as your feeling yourself (queues Beyonce)

What is your go to brunch look? Share them below!

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