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Boss Bitch Music is the act of self-care missing from your daily routine



When Beyonce dropped Lemonade, we took a step back to reclaim our power in relationships. When Cardi B dropped “Bodak Yellow”, we got in our bag and made money moves. We couldn’t decide if we were having City Girls or a  Hot Girl Summer. Moral of the story, every woman should have a boss bitch playlist and that isn’t up for debate.

Whether you’re a certified “boss bitch” or a “boss bitch in training,” we can all agree that “female rap”  (or Boss bitch music as I’d like to call it is empowering, uplifting, and serves as a soundtrack to our ever-evolving selves. In the past few years, especially, we’ve seen women dominate the hip-hop community (and our timelines), spitting raw bars that their male counterparts are struggling to compete with. Not that there has to be competition between women and men rappers, but it’s refreshing af to see women running sh*t. In conclusion, boss bitches are winning and there’s nothing that can stop it.

Just in case you doubted how much boss bitch music is essential to our everyday lives, my twitter fam chimed in on the topic.



In the past, braggadocious rap lyrics have been reserved for the men in hip hop to boast about jewelry, cars, sex, and whatever the hell else because male rappers aren’t policed the way women are. 

Boss bitch music takes on the same narrative as “traditional male rap” but flips it on its head, letting women know that boss moves aren’t exclusive to men—after all, anything they can do, we can do better.  When I listen to boss bitch music, I feel unstoppable. I feel like any obstacle that has ever tried to run me off course is no match for my wit and p* power. Boss bitch music reassures me that I am that bitch, and no one can tell me any different.

I’ll be the first person to say how much I love braggadocious rap lyrics; however, it’s refreshing and much more relatable coming from a woman. They have to deal with the same issues that we face daily, and at the end of the day, they remain bossed up. MOOD AF

[Tweet “Boss bitch music is positive affirmations, therapy, and reassurance all rolled up into one.”

Here are some of the best ways to incorporate boss bitch music into your self-care routine:

Bump your boss bitch music playlist while you’re working out.

Nothing says “go harder” better than some of your favorite bossed up females rappers reminding you that you got this sis. One of my favorite boss bitch workout tracks is Go Hard by Nicki Minaj from her throwback mixtape Beam Me Up, Scotty.

During your morning commute

boss bitch music beyonce crazy in love

Boss bitches have 9-5’s, and the infamous morning commute is a significant part of it. Whether you’re taking the subway or doing 80 on the highway, a healthy dose of boss bitch music on your way to work is the perfect way to get your day started on a high note.  You’ll walk in your office feeling like 100% that bitch.

While you’re at the office (or your respective workplace)

boss bitch music megan thee stallionIf your workplace allows you to listen to music/headphones while you knock out assignments, do it! Work while bumping some bad bitch anthems makes any daunting task feel so much more tolerable. Have you ever listened to Da Baddest Bitch by Trina while responding to annoying emails? Therapeutic af.

When something or someone pisses you off

boss bitch music trina


Whew, chile. Music is therapeutic regardless of the category, but boss bitch music hits different when someone or something has gotten on your last nerve. In the words of Beyonce, “who the fu*ck do you think I am?”. Channel all your negative thoughts and negative energy through some boss bitch music and carry on with your day. In a matter of minutes, you’ll feel levels of unbotheredness that you never knew existed.

While you clean and sage your home.

boss bitch music erykah badu

Don’t underestimate how the high energy of boss bitch music can elevate a cleaning session. If you never saged a clean house while bumping Lil Kim, followed by some Badu, I urge you to try it.

Need some help building your boss bitch playlist? You can take a peek at my Tidal and Apple Music playlists for inspo. My playlists are forever a work in progress, so don’t you dare judge.

Drop some of your favorite bad bitch anthems below!

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