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I May Have To Cop These Black-Owned Gifts For Myself


I’m not going to give a long, drawn-out speech for why I’m creating this guide. It’s the holiday season and we’re still buying black (purr). These are the gifts that I’ve been eying for myself (if we’re being completely honest) but I’m certain that they will make amazing gifts for the folks on your list.

From a twisting vibrator to some new drip for you to rock in the living room, here are some of my favorite Black-Owned products to gift this season.

Cise Protect Black People Purse Pink, $150

Cise PBP Bag Black Owned Gift Guide

The only way to stay in your bag this holiday season is with the genuine cowhide leather purse that is sure to make a statement. One small detail about this purse that I absolutely LOVE is that it has detachable straps.

FeelMore Iroha Zen Vibrator, $43

Feelmore vibrator iroha zen black owned gift guide

Soft to the touch, this rotating vibrator twists to make you shout with different vibration modes. I don’t think I need to explain any further

Hanifa Chloe Knitted Scarf, $120

Hanifa Scarf Chloe black owned gift guide

Hanifa is already known for their amazing knit designs such as the every so popular Miya knit dress. But this knitted scarf is up next on everyone’s list of Hanifa favs. FYI, seriously buy me this if you don’t know what to get me for Christmas or my half birthday in January.

Brandon Blackwood Zebra Mini ESR Tote, $145

Brandon Blackwood Zebra Mini ESR Tote black owned gift

Designer Brandon Blackwood blessed us this year with the “End Systematic Racism ” totes available in various shades and textures. The latest added to the lineup is this genuine pony hair zebra version. NEED

Note: This item ships starting December 16th, 2020

Ben Oni Maelle 18K Anti-Tarnish Herringbone Necklace, starting at $52

Ben Oni Herringbone Black Owned Gift Guide

Ballin on a budget never looked so good with the high-quality jewelry statement piece. This 18K gold over sterling steel style is available in both a 12″choker version and a longer 15″ necklace. If you love the extraness of layering, I’d spring for the set with both for $106.

Amil Studio Supreme B*tch Hoodie, $75 (on sale for $57*)

Amil Studio Supreme B*tch Hoodie Black Owned Gift Guide

If there’s one thing about me, I’m going to wear a Black ass graphic tee or hoodie, and women created by a Black designer is the icing on the cake for me. This one features my fave, Lil Kim, which is right up my alley, to say the least.

Confetti Blue Lamb Fur Slippers, $55

Confetti Lamb Fur Skin Slippers Black owned gift guide

If there’s one thing about me, I’m going to chill in my house in luxury. These genuine lamb fur slippers are the WOO slippers I need in my life. R.I.P. Pop Smoke.

SVNMIA Candy Headband, $15

SVN MIA Candy Headband Black owned gift guide

If there’s one thing that I stan, it’s affordable bad bitchery. This headband which is available in 4 colors, is super cute for the low. Grab a two at minimum.

Palm Trees & 80 Degrees Waves of Amber Soy Candle, $20

Palm Trees & 80 Degrees Waves of Amber Soy Can Black owned gift guide

Bath & Body Works who?! I’ve heard such good things about this candle brand and the Woody scented candle is at the top of my “must-buy” list. PURRR!

Mented Build Your Own Trio, $45 (on sale for $33.75*)

Mented Build Your Own Trio Black owned girl guide

Mented is uncontestably the GOAT when it comes to nude lipsticks for Black women (after all, that is the root of the brand). They’re currently offering an amazing trio to try out some shades at a slightly discounted price (lipsticks are usually $18 apiece). My dream trio is Dope Taupe, Peach Please, and Foxy Brown just in case you’re wondering.

McBride Sisters Collection Black Girl Magic Trio, $65

McBride Sisters Collection Black Girl Magic Trio Black owned gift guide

A friend with wine is a friend of mine. I absolutely love McBride Sister Wine and this particular set comes with a bottle of California Reisling, Rose, and Zinfandel. Winter quarantine drinking isn’t complete without these Black-owned wine selections.

Estelle Colored Wine Stem Set, $175 (mixed set of 6)

Estelle Colored Wine Stem Set Black Owned Gift Guide

If “bad bitch” was glassware, then this stem wine glass set is it. What better way to spend your days than drinking your Black-owned wine from your fabulous Black-Owned wine glasses. *Clink Clink*

Natty Garden Plant, from $7.99

Natty Garden Plant black Owned gift guide

Much like many of the women on your feeds, I became a plant mom (of 9 to be exact) during this seemingly never-ending quarantine. Some of my thriving plants came from a Black-owned plant shop, Natty Garden. luckily for you, you can order online if you don’t live in NYC to check out their brick and mortar locations.

My plant pick is a Pothos because it’s super easy to take care of and pretty resilient if you don’t know wtf you’re doing forreal.

Kashmir VII Man-A-Lisa Clutch, $45

KashMir Vil Man-A-Lisa Clutch Black Owned Gift Guide

I hate to break it to you but the deadline to order this super cute clutch in time for Christmas has passed. But if you’re not too proud to give a fashionable late Christmas gift, this is the one.

Culture Tags, $25

Culture Tags Black owned gift guide

You know how black people seem to have the same childhood? Well, this card game tests that and much more requiring you to guess the meaning the culturally relevant acronyms with just hints.

Which one these will be gifting for yourself or for someone this holiday season?

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