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Beyoncé s New Athletic Gear Line Will Make You Run To The Gym


Since I was younger, I could commit to many things; staying away from Popeyes and hitting the gym 3-4 times a week not being one of those things. The news that Beyoncé dropped today may be just the fitspiration that myself and many others that totally abandoned their “get fit for the new year resolutions” needed to push back through. On April 14th, just a couple of short weeks, Beyonce will be debuting her Athletic gear collection, Ivy Park, which will be sold in Topshop, Nordstrom, and Zalando. May the countdown begin! The collection will feature many different athletic wear items from sports bras to cute tracksuits for women that want to get fit and look good doing it; apparently baby gear may also be featured in the collection.

My personal hopes for this athletic wear collection is that women will get in formation and be more motivated to put down the chicken and hot sauce in their bags (swag) and head to the gym to get snatched for the summer; I sure plan on it. I’m just getting back into the swing of eating right and exercising regularly so this annoucemment is coming right on time. I often award myself with cute workout gear when I stay consistent, so I plan on putting in work these next couple of weeks (and saving my coins hunty) so I can order a few items.

As we all know, that Beyhive of hers is vicious, so on April 14th you better get mentally prepared for crashing servers and broken hearts. And please don’t treat this like a Yeezy release and buy up all the gear to resell on eBay for $1 Million. Just don’t.

Take a look at the promo video that was released today to announce the Ivy Park collection. This literally has fitness goals written all over it. Nike, Puma & Adidas you may just have a problem on your hands.


I don’t even know if Beyoncé works out a day in her life but I’m all here for Ivy Park. Are you guys as excited as I am for Beyoncé’ s collection?



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